Gavin Williamson Defence Secretary – UK wants to Play Empires (Again)


Please can I play Empires Mummy ?

UK defence secretary , guffmaster and talking head Gavin Williamson has been told that he should tell the world that the Crown wants to play Empires .

Readers of this blog should know that I always try to differentiate between the established rulers of a country and the general population . The established controlling clique would like the world to think that decisions are made in the interests of a population , by the population .

To this end planted mainstream articles often generalize and quote ‘the UK decides this’ or ‘the UK decides that’ which implies the whole country and every person therein is in step with our glorious rulers , which is simply not true . The UK is controlled by a global crime syndicate known as the Crown , as is Australia , as are many other countries . The reality is that the UK as we know it was formed by a mainland European elite , which then became a staging post for systematic murder , theft , slavery and looting on a global scale .

We should all learn to discern this simple fact , the task is made harder by the mainstream press who continually like to bundle people together with their respective leaders . It is the Russians , it is the Syrians , the French etc . This only contributes to the legitimacy of illegitimate regimes , which is what any self respecting established ruling clique require .

The Crown does not represent the UK public , they only represent themselves and their stakeholders . This model is true for many other nations around the world . I was once told by a very wealthy and connected person that power in any society always rises to those who control the capital and wealth . True to a certain extent , but it is tough at the top and it is also a very fragile position as many a modern regime can attest to .

Anyhow , I digress , back to the main story .

Never content since the shrinking of the old ‘British’ Empire , the Crown and their cohorts now want to rebuild and return to the global stage . I can only assume that the rest of the world is now either heaving out a collective groan or locking up their sons and family silver , or all three if they know their history .

The reality is that European countries have no interest in fanning the flames of division and following the old path of the Cold War . It is simply not happening , no matter how hard the dinosaurs and desperados try . European countries would now like to throw of the yoke of servitude and militarization that was an unintended consequence of being on the right side during WWII . Just like the UK and Brexit , Europe would like Exit , that is a European eXit from International Tyranny , the countries making up the EU feel that they can only accomplish this together . Many are only just waking up to the fact that their ‘allies’ have been stabbing them and their public in the back for decades , the general consensus is ‘united Europe will stand , divided Europe will fall’ .

Unfortunately the UK is skint , the only budgets that have been increased in recent years are the defence & intelligence budgets . That is since the kindly UK public decided to fund the ‘War on Terror’ and bail out the banks . Can we expect the bill for defence spending to fall now that the War on Terror is in its death throes and nobody is buying the Russophobia meme* ?

Not likely .

(*except for G.I. Gav)

If there are no current threats , then you can be sure that several will be created . Creating any empire of accumulation requires information & intelligence , also known as gaining the upper hand in layman’s terms . Information & intelligence requires an army of intelligence personnel , also known as snoops and perverts in layman’s terms . Snoops and Spooks require threats to national security , also known as false flags & the ‘War on X‘* in layman’s terms .

(*Replace X with current method of fear creation and fabricated terror)


The Crown has always operated abroad , it is where the loot is , it is what they have always done . Their mind controlled minions back at home are left to mop up any blowback from their extensive portfolio of sojourns in foreign lands , which conveniently also covers the controlling or crushing of any domestic dissent .

Many people will be aware that Australia was stolen by the Crown in a process termed ‘colonization’ . The process involved forcing men , women and quite often children through a rigged judicial system where they would be separated from their families and ‘deported’ for trivial and trumped up crimes , such as stealing an apple . In fact if you stole anything in the times of the Empire you were immediately placed in leg irons and would find yourself on a ship for the colonies before you could say ‘but I was starving guv’nor‘ . The vast majority of ‘transported convicts’ were convicted of petty crimes .

Once there the unfortunate ‘convicts’ were forced into slavery and subjugation , building roads and other infrastructure and polishing the crown agent’s boots . No doubt whilst the guv’nor laughed sadistically whilst brandishing a whip* at a poor unfortunate young boy .

(*The whip often served a dual purpose in the realms of the establishment , both pain and pleasure)

The process still happens today , although ‘deportation to Australia now has a completely different meaning , but that is another story entirely .

Australia is rich in resources , there has been another recolonization effort in recent years , although this is based on more modern and some would say* far more exotic methods . A steady stream of colonists have left the UK in recent decades , lured by the dual prospects of a sunny climate and a less work orientated lifestyle . Some may have been lured by expat tales , TV programming and documentaries , others may have felt an inexplicable urge to eat a mountain of mashed potatoes and then buy a one way ticket . Either way , Australia is now on the up .


New sources of funding for the Crown empire will be required , Australia fits the bill nicely (no pun intended) .

The links above show that the Australian economy is faring far better than the economy of the UK .

The UK economy could face further decline in the future :

(i) North Sea oil dries up (likely)

(ii) The money laundering and financial sectors decentralize and move out of the City of London (not too likely)

(iii) Europe creates its own defence force and other countries start to buy defence equipment from competitors (likely) .

(iv) The service sector is gradually swallowed by global conglomerates who refuse to pay tax (already happening) .

In fact for a relative newcomer to the global economy , the GDP of Australia is quite high and only half that of the UK , Australia is also lumbered with far less debt . The only gloomy news for Australia is that the debt situation will undoubtedly increase as the Crown slowly maneuvers into a more entrenched position .

Australia is also quite a wealthy country in terms of personal wealth , in fact Australia recently overtook Switzerland and took the top spot in terms of median wealth . Median wealth is basically the individual wealth of the average person , no mean feat when you are up against a gang of merchant bankers .

Over the years Australia has attracted attention from rival power blocs , more recent courtships have caused consternation back at Crown HQ , or have they ?

Australia will not only need to be recolonized , it will also need to be defended , it will not be allowed to have any friends , unless the Crown allows it . Besides who needs more than four friends when together you are the Famous Five .


Of course the new military bases could serve a dual purpose , they could allow the central core of UK based companies to expand further afield , a stealthy counterweight to a potential fall in European trade post Brexit . Assuming that the UK establishment want Brexit , which I think they do . New markets in the Far East are extremely lucrative , as are South American markets , in fact as are the markets of most emergent economies .

So in the long term Australia could find itself at the centre of a post Brexit UK based trading bloc . Further still we may also see the transportation of manpower goods and services that are traditionally based in the UK to Australia & New Zealand . The Caribbean arm of the operation simply facilitates the transport of finance and financial services , services that emergent economies require as they accumulate cash . A financial services sector built in New Zealand could perhaps service the Far East and even China , all controlled from Westminster and Whitehall of course .

For myself , I hope the shifting of central power scenario plays out . Australia and New Zealand are welcome to take the triad of the Crown , the Banking Cartel and the Arms industries currently calling the UK home . Some may welcome the extra industry , the increased stature on the global stage along with other superficial rewards . Others will no doubt resist the ‘reoccupation’ of their land , knowing full well the repercussions to the public and society . Others still will resist because they feel they have to . The triad will then be complete .


The shrinking of the US based global order is affording new opportunities for those who are agile and adaptable . There are many power structures that are willing and able to exploit the slightest opportunity afforded by former partners and allies . The old order is collapsing under the weight of corruption and criminality , totalitarian technological techniques and weaponry that have upheld the monopoly for decades are now in the hands of competitors , both private and state .

The times they are a changin

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