Trump Vs Hunt – Global Factional Infighting

News plastered all over the mainstream media today suggests that establishment goon Jeremy Hunt is getting ambitious and wants the world to know .

Who is Jeremy Hunt ?

Jeremy , or Jezza to his mates , is the current UK foreign secretary , a post also known as ‘agent nodding donkey‘ to establishment spooks .There is a Wikipedia page on Jezza , so he must be important .

A lot of people knock Wikipedia , yes it is open to abuse , but it is always a good starting point for information . Think of it this way , if teams of cyber goons are busy editing wiki pages in favour of their paymasters , there will probably also be a rival team or two selectively editing the pages themselves , thus over time we get a semblance of the truth .

According to information found at Wikipedia and other MSM sources Jezza is establishment through and through . He has impeccable credentials for full membership of the wide variety of secret fraternities and cult groups that seek to control the UK political system at home and further afield .

  • Jezza studied at the spooky Oxford University .
  • Jezza is the eldest son of a Navy Admiral .
  • Jezza is a distant relation of Queen Elizabeth II and Oswald Mosley .
  • Jezza is a descendant of Streynsham Master , a pioneer of the global opium trafficking operation historically known as the East India Company .
  • Jezza made a packet from a variety of  ‘enterprises’ which were largely funded by taxpayer funded organizations .
  • Jezza has been ‘investigated’ for ‘expenses fraud’ , ‘accounting errors’ and ‘tax dodging’ .
  • Jezza does not like the NHS .
  • Jezza does not like football fans , particularly Liverpool fans .
  • Jezza looks after his close friends .
  • Jezza loves the Saudi regime .
  • Jezza loves French PM Macron .
  • Jezza hates ‘the Russians’ .
  • Jezza does not like Trump and the current US administration .
  • Jezza does have one thing in common with Trump , he hates ‘fake news’ .

Which is strange , I hear some of Jezza’s mates are avid readers of this blog , which is obviously only composed of fake news .


The ‘War on Terror’ is finished , at least in its current capacity . Trump represents a large swathe of the US populace and public representatives that realize they have been manipulated by organizations with niche interests . Any neutral observer of global politics must now understand the reasons for the venom directed towards Trump , it is directed from afar . The plan to withdraw US military forces from the Middle East theatre has been on the drawing board for a long while .

The US , particularly the US military , is a useful tool which many global factions seek to influence and perhaps even control . There are also many subsidiary foreign organizations that feed from the teat of US military supremacy . Supremacy which some would like to see maintained purely because it is in their interests , not the interests of the US public and the wider global populations .

In modern geopolitical terms , it is in the interests of the Israeli and Saudi administrations to have conflict in their back garden .

In modern geopolitical terms , it is in the interests of the UK administration to have conflict in their back garden .

All three countries appear to be largely controlled by parasitical profiteers , not only at the expense of the domestic populations , but now the whole world .

Each can then gorge on the $billions in funds and the technology transfer which inevitably follow .

They can all gorge on market instability and commodity fluctuations .

A common dialectic .

You could almost view the situation as the UK & Israel vying for the favor of the vainglorious US military machine , it should also be considered that ‘exotic capabilities’ are only awarded to best friends and allies . Very useful for non-military profiteering and domestic control .

Perhaps another dialectic ?

Conclusion to Jezza

As an excuse for continuing the UK presence in the Middle East Jezza has now cynically announced that he ‘wishes to save Christians’ .

Surely Jezza must realize that many religious groups are simply played off against one another by the global puppet masters . Many are caught in the inevitable crossfire .

Perhaps the people who Jezza represents should not have engaged in the global genocide and racketeering operation known as the ‘War on Terror’ .

I should also suggest that Jezza revise ‘his’ foreign policy towards Syria .

I think I can safely say that then political ‘elite’ of most Western democracies no longer represent their respective populations , have they ever ?

Final Conclusion

Jeremy Hunt , what a complete c……………..

But then again , aren’t they all .

Further reading :

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  2. Large US troop pullout planned in Afghanistan, officials say
  3. Iraqi Parliament Pushes for Timetable on US Pullout
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