Ofcom , 60 GHz 5G , Oxygen & BOLD

Cultocracy note :

Look familiar ?

Coming soon to a 5G area near you .

News released a month or two ago stated that the UK telecomms regulator Ofcom plans to release the 60 Ghz spectrum to ‘support 5G’ , this step launches 5G into the extremely high frequency (EHF) range , also know as the millimetre wave band or the V band .

In its newly released five-year roadmap for fixed wireless in the UK, Ofcom has outlined its intention to release new 60 GHz spectrum to enable 5G use cases – particularly those that require high capacity and very low latency.”

“The regulator says it will take immediate steps to enable licence-exempt access to 14 GHz of spectrum in the 60 GHz band. This will be through regulatory change in the 57-66 GHz range, as well as making new spectrum available at 66-71 GHz. The latter, Ofcom’s report notes, can support new 5G use cases for mobile/portable equipment.”

The 60 Ghz band is licence exempt , which theoretically means that anybody can operate a network at 60 Ghz .

Competition or Cooperation ?

Facebook is extremely interested in the 60 Ghz band , Facebook’s 60 Ghz network is designed primarily for urban areas and has been termed the Terragraph .

Another company seeking to exploit 60 Ghz 5G is Cambridge Communication Systems (CCS) .

John Porter & Steve Greaves are the founders of CCS , both were former employees of AT&T Laboratories , formerly known as the Olivetti Research Laboratory .

AT&T has undeniable connections to the spooky N.S.A.

The potential misuse of a weaponized 5G system in the hands of deep state organizations is clear . Using adaptive beam forming or spot beam technologies a signal can be concentrated and ‘beamed’ to a specified point . Beamforming technologies are the foundation of modern radar and sonar systems .

Systems very similar to the proposed 5G network are currently used by deep state organizations for torture , neural experimentation , ‘behavioral modification’ and soft kill operations . These systems are hidden in plain sight in a grid of so called ‘base stations’ , often comprising domestic or commercial properties and terrestrial and satellite ‘communications’ systems .

Air gap hacking utilizing 5G networks will make every task you complete on a computer or smartphone visible to the surveillance state .

Shoehorning 60 Ghz

The countries that have rushed to integrate 60 Ghz into their 5G networks on a licence exempt basis are shown in the table below .


Information source : Indian Institute of Technology (PDF)

Other countries developing 60 Ghz networks include China , United States & South Korea .

With the exceptions of China & Brazil , all of the countries are a part of the Five Eyes surveillance network .

Water & 60 Ghz

The frequency of 60Ghz is important for communications because oxygen attenuates a signal at this precise frequency , this limits the distance a 60Ghz signal can travel . Therefore any grid of closely packed 60Ghz transmitters and receivers should be able to transmit signals which will not interfere with each other , at least in theory . It is also proposed that future WiFi networks could also make use of the 60Ghz frequency .


It should go without saying that we all breathe in oxygen which then circulates in our bloodstream , the human body is also composed primarily of water .


As can be seen from the graph below the peak frequency at which atmospheric oxygen molecules absorb mm waves is 60 Ghz .


Image source : Fixed Wireless Communications at 60GHz Unique Oxygen Absorption Properties

Unsurprisingly there is conflicting research evidence regarding the effects of 60 GHz millimeter waves on the human body . The long term effects are unknown , the lack of any serious studies should sound the alarm , especially when you also consider that recent research has concluded that mobile phone radiation can cause cancer . Tissue penetration depths are also poorly researched .

It is accepted that the skin absorbs around 90% of a transmitted 60 Ghz wave , leading to thermal heating and increased sweating .

Many scientists have warned of the potentially serious health effects to both ourselves and the wider environment .


Blood Oxygen Level Dependent (BOLD) imaging is a form of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) .

“Functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, is a technique for measuring brain activity. It works by detecting the changes in blood oxygenation and flow that occur in response to neural activity – when a brain area is more active it consumes more oxygen and to meet this increased demand blood flow increases to the active area. fMRI can be used to produce activation maps showing which parts of the brain are involved in a particular mental process.”

Hemoglobin (or Haemoglobin) transports oxygen around the vascular system where it is further deposited into cells and tissue . Hemoglobin molecules have a central core composed of iron (Fe) .

Deoxyhemoglobin is the name given to hemoglobin with no oxygen bonding , oxygen bound to a hemoglobin molecule is called Oxyhemoglobin .

When oxygen bonds to a hemoglobin molecule , the magnetic properties of the hemoglobin change .

Deoxyhemoglobin is paramagnetic , i.e. it is attracted to a magnetic field .

Oxyhemoglobin is diamagnetic , i.e. it is repelled by a magnetic field .

This process is the basis of BOLD contrast imaging .

BOLD based fMRI has been used to image functioning brain networks and also for real-time neural feedback .

Techniques utilizing real-time fMRI have been used to form brain computer interfaces (BCI) .

Using these techniques , in theory at least , you could leverage the proposed 5G network to connect a human being to the internet .

Cultocracy note :

Hah! what a stupid idea , utter rubbish , not even seen in Sci-Fi films .

But some want to go even further .


The internet of things (IOT) is largely a manufactured industrial revolution , which promises to line the pockets of the wealthy corporations and their shareholders .

More gimmicky IOT ‘stuff’ will be marketed and sold , larger and faster bandwidths will allow ever more immersive virtual experiences with the ‘stuff’ . You will be able to have a conversation with your fridge , your fridge will be able to have a conversation with your toaster , you can then have sex with your TV , which will promptly walk out of the door , fire up your car and drive away . All very entertaining , for some at least .

Others have far deeper and darker motives for pushing the 5G revolution .

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