Britain , Balochistan , CPEC

The ‘War on Terror’ not only destroyed countless countries and murdered millions , it also spawned a new paradigm in international geopolitics . Terror organizations , or freedom fighters depending on your viewpoint , have existed since time immemorial .

The war on terror served to legitimize these organizations and their tactics as corrupt shadow governments sought ever more desperate measures to legitimize themselves and their flawed maniacal mindsets . Unfortunately the cat is well and truly out of the bag and as such the political and intelligence establishments are now engaged in a fruitless search for justification , as they try to convince themselves that they were not simply useful idiots in a much broader and more diabolical scheme .

China & Bolochistan

The Belt and Road initiative instigated by China seeks to create global trade corridors and connect countries . The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a small part of the grand vision , this particular piece of the puzzle irks Western warmongers who have only brought death and destruction to this part of the world . The leaders of once allied nations such as Pakistan are now starting to reassess their loyalties , loyalties that in the past were usually bought and sold using the tactics of terror and state corruption .

A foothold in Pakistan may well prove to be a future foothold in the door of Afghanistan , a country that is rich in mineral deposits , in particular a large cache of strategic rare Earth metals , also known as precious Earth Metals (PEM) or Rare Earth elements (REE) .

China is already a global leader in the mining and supply of REE’s , a deal with Pakistan who could influence Afghani leaders could turn this into a monopoly . Although a potential monopoly is disputed in some circles as it is said that any deficit in global supply could be picked up by other countries . Either way it would prove to be a costly exercise , although REE’s are not as rare as the name suggests , they are difficult to extract .


Balochistan is a province of Pakistan , according to Wikipedia , Balochistan is rich in natural gas and other resources .

Balochistan Liberation Army

The Balochistan Liberation Army was conveniently formed in 2000 , just before the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 .

According to Wikipedia :

….the The BLA is listed as a terrorist organization by Pakistan and the United Kingdom, while the U.S. Department of State has described its actions as terrorism.

According to John Reid – UK Politician :

“I am determined to act against those who, while not directly involved in committing acts of terrorism, provide support for and make statements that glorify, celebrate and exalt the atrocities of terrorist groups,” said Home Secretary John Reid.

Cultocracy note :

‘Balochistan Liberation Army’ .

10 out of 10 for originality on the name front .

A few days ago there was a failed attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi , Pakistan .

Some commentators have suggested that the attack was part of a system of terror and coercion straight out of the ‘War on Terror’ handbook , now known as hybrid warfare .

Some commentators have also suggested that the attack exposes Europe as having double standards in the ‘War on Terror’ , in this case Europe refers to the UK and Switzerland .

Cultocracy note :

Double standards ?

Too kind , I think they mean ‘no standards’ .

Some commentators have further suggested that the UK now has blood on its hands for granting asylum to BLA leader Hyrbyair Marri . Although other sources contest whether Marri is actually the leader of the BLA .

Cultocracy note :

Other sources (me) also contest whether the BLA actually exists at all .

These manufactured terror outfits remind me of shell companies in offshore tax havens , simply a set of compliant stooges as front men .

According to Wikipedia , Hyrbyair Marri lives in London .

Apparently Hyrbyair Marri has been ‘booked’ by Pakistan for the Chinese consulate attack in Karachi .

The usual suspects have been blamed by mouth piece Marri .

Marri also applauds the US administration .

Marri has also inferred that CPEC will be a ‘death warrant’ for Balochistan .

Remember the quote from Home Secretary John Reid earlier in this article ? Although to be fair , John Reid was a red team Labour politician , makes a big difference .

Incidentally , Harri does not have a lot of love for the London Establishment , but then again , who does ?

“The blackest day in Baloch calendar 14 August because the Frankenstein state (Pakistan) was created by Britian (sic) which occupied our beloved land”

Also incidentally , Harri also seems to have a very short memory , or a limited intellect , or both :

“Could a Cold War between Washington and Beijing precipitate events in Balochistan?”

“I will never support anyone who backs the exploiters of my land”

“Trump has a clear vision of things in the international arena. His speech is clear, and he sees Pakistan as it really is: a country that always ends up betraying its allies. Trump speaks from a position of strength and in a language that Pakistan can understand. I want to think that he will bring changes to the region.”

Cultocracy note :

Trump Speaks a Language Pakistan Can Understand

Not any more .

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