Cuban Diplomats – Harassment and Break-ins

An update on the ‘Cuban diplomats‘ story , or ‘keep calm and deny everything‘ as it is now known in (mildly) panicky deep state circles .

It now appears that several of the US ‘diplomats’ have suffered several forms of stalking and harassment on US soil . This particular perpetrator prostration is a terrible affliction which only affects alphabet agency mercs and other assorted degenerates , profligates , pissants and perverts . Many also suffer from chronic amnesia , so maybe we should not be too hasty in casting blame .

As always the keyword(s) is(are) control(divide and) .

As NBC News reports :

Harassment inside the U.S.?

“But despite the collective efforts of the FBI, CIA, NSA, CDC and the U.S. military, the Trump administration still says it doesn’t know who or what is responsible for the “health attacks.” “

“At least six of the evacuated Americans have reported suspected harassment or surveillance in the U.S. to the FBI…….They include evacuees from both China and Cuba, including some who have never met.”

“Some reported suspected break-ins at their homes or temporary housing, after finding items moved or tampered with, or lights and televisions turned on that had been left off.”

“Others reported being conspicuously followed — including from their doctors’ offices in Philadelphia — and suspicious activity on cellphones.”

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