Mi5 Missed Chance to Prevent Manchester Arena Bombing


Cultocracy note :

The Abedi brothers were the fruits of a flawed and inhuman policy which seeks to pluck migrants and disgruntled dissidents from a target country and then transform them into transplanted terrorists .

Or should the word be tranceform ?

This is standard cabal foreign policy for countries rich in resources or countries that have a wealthy leader .


I do not think you can blame the police for this , they are continually pulled rank on by the higher ups , it appears that this working policy has now been passed on to the domestic ‘intelligence’ services .

The reality is that there exists a rigid system of hierarchy in the UK ‘intelligence’ apparatus , the entire organization now resembles a brainwashed cult . Fear is used as a major controlling factor . Employees know full well the consequences of intransigence , that is assuming that they know the meaning of the word in the first instance .

Just nod your head and agree .

History in the making

I find it highly irregular that the politicians are actually criticizing the same organizations that have historically blackmailed and corrupted them into subservience and submission .

This has got to be a first in modern British politics .

The Controllers

The question is , who does give the orders  ?

Which leads to an even bigger question :

What are their motives ?

As always , the keyword is control .

Police and MI5 missed chances to prevent Manchester bombing, MPs find

Committee finds failings in handling of case of Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi

The opportunities MI5 and police missed to prevent the five terror attacks of 2017

Politicians on the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) who investigated last year’s five devastating terror attacks have highlighted a string of failings by MI5 and counter-terror police.

MI5 missed chances to stop Manchester Arena bombing that killed 22 people

MI5 has admitted for the first time it was too slow in recognising how dangerous the Manchester Arena bomber was, a new report has concluded.

There were several missed opportunities to stop Salman Abedi, including failing to track him ahead of the devastating 2017 attack.

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