Satellites , Kamikazes and Kidnappers

News today announced that China has launched it’s 34th satellite deployment mission of 2018 .

Not only that , but the satellite launch rocket Long March 2D was said to have sent not one , but five satellites into orbit .

The battle for space continues .

As is usual , the payloads are shrouded in mystery , we can therefore safely assume that they are weapons systems or experimental communications systems , or a combination of both . China is desperate to close the gap on the US deep state , who have dominated near space for decades . The deep state and their compadres have utilized the current infrastructure in a corrupt and often chaotic quest for domestic and global control , which invariably involves , terror , torture and murder .

Shiyan Satellites

Shiyan means ‘experimental’ , which in turn could mean anything at all , but in deep state speak usually means an electronic weapons / signals intelligence satellite . This type of satellite launch is often accompanied by an explanation which includes the terms  ‘atmospheric monitor’ or ‘weather sensor’ . According to governmental sources every military & intelligence satellite ever launched in the history of mankind is in fact a ‘weather satellite’ or similar . In theory we should now be able to predict the weather down to the micro level , with an accurate forecast not just for an area , but for every individual .

Star Wars

It seems likely that there is now a bout of ‘handbags at ten paces‘ currently being played out way above our terrestrial heads . Each side is now probing and testing the other sides capabilities , with the ultimate objective being an attempt to gain an upper strategic hand . Which history tells us equates to a massive rupturing of taxpayers cash which equals the enrichment of the deep state , which equals domestic and global terror .

All leading to a stalemate in global terms and a war of attrition , which I have a feeling will not be beneficial to the US deep state and their partners in crime this time round . Not that many in the West will shed a tear at the probable result , certainly not me .

The Star Wars scenario is the underlying reason for the recent US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) . Both China & Russia and the US have been developing anti-satellite missiles (ASAT) , in an attempt to nullify each others capabilities in space .

Kamikazes and Kidnappers

Interestingly , previous Shiyan satellites have been equipped with a robotic arm , which is able to grab other satellites in orbit , although the Chinese administration stated that the arm was to clear space debris , a highly unlikely explanation .

Kamikaze satellites are nothing new , neither are kidnapper satellites .

It is said that the payload bay of the x-37B space plane controlled by the USAF can also be outfitted with a robotic arm .

Cube sats are also becoming increasingly common , again they are often described as secondary or auxiliary to the main satellite , this could be true . The cube sats for the recent Shiyan launch were described by official sources as ‘calibration’ satellites . They could also act as kamikaze ‘body guards’ for the main satellite , ready to pounce on an aggressor that comes too close . They could also be dual use in that a satellite could easily be steered away from the main constellation to act as an offensive weapon .

Although destructive uses in an offensive scenario are being trialled , they are unlikely to be followed through , for now at least . Complicating and compounding this is the fact that many military and intelligence weapons systems are often disguised as commercial systems .

Space Espionage

It is far more likely that many satellites are now used purely to spy on their counterparts . Signal jamming , interference or intelligence gathering are the primary goals of the Chinese administration’s efforts . The ultimate goal being the ability to render useless an enemy tin can , or even partially or completely hijack it . Which is why we are now seeing a definite switch towards quantum communication , satellites are at the forefront of the communications evolution .

Space Law

Near space has often been described as the Wild West , in that it is a lawless area , inhabited by criminals , bandits and mercenaries with the odd lawmaker thrown in for good measure . This is probably a very accurate description .

Outer Space Treaty

The Outer Space Treaty was formulated in 1967 . This worthless piece of paper basically states that weapons of mass destruction should not be deployed in space , obviously the signatories had nuclear weapons in mind when the treaty was first announced .

There have been no major modifications to the treaty in recent years which could take into account other types of weaponry deployed in space .

Both Russia & China proposed a treaty banning space weapons back in 2008 .

The US deep state and their partners in crime , who have a current monopoly on space weaponry , opposed the treaty .

Which led me to think that in the future space may become a territorial area in the future , very similar to domestic airspace at present , perhaps it already is .

We should not expect a cessation of hostilities anytime soon . As is usually the case , commodification follows weaponization , the market for military satellite technology is currently worth around $14bn .

This figure is estimated to rise to $28bn by 2018 .


The battle lines are drawn .

An optimist would argue that if the current proxy wars are converted into battles that are fought in space , then at least nobody will die and countries will not be destroyed .

A pessimist would argue that the exact opposite is true . As the major powers vie for space supremacy then terrestrial command & communications centers will also become an imperative , especially if one side tips the balance in space .

Moreover , the surveillance and weapons systems that are currently in orbit are now used as a large carrot to woo potentially friendly countries . The systems are sold and traded just like any other conventional weapons system .

The only difference being that the space systems are used on domestic populations and not other countries .

I suggest that any countries currently eyeing up the satellite ‘atmospheric surveillance systems’ currently on offer tread warily . The current sales pitch involves backing a ruling administration into a corner , where the systems are then shoehorned into a country . This is usually under the convenient cloud of domestic strife and terrorism , whereupon the domestic issues miraculously abate once the system is switched on .

This also opens an opportunity for counter measures . I expect China to be the major player in this particular field in the future , a step many will applaud .

Many know where the first Space Defence Initiative landed humanity and the wider environment .

Can the next generation expect even worse ?

As always the keyword is control .

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