UK Government Wins Golden Poodle – Venezuela , Gold , Blue Gold & Black Gold

The UK government has been awarded the Golden Poodle award today . The gleaming , glinting , gruffer is awarded for services by UK politicians to US foreign policy (and others) .

This decision was made by the independent Poodle Award Panel (PAP) in an attempt to bolster the UK’s gold reserves , which they can then repatriate to their rightful owner , in this case Venezuela .


The Golden Poodle contains exactly 1.2 gms of gold plate , sure to have an effect .

In this particular case the PAP were unsure who to actually award the Golden Poodle to . Anonymous sources have quoted anonymous sources , ‘British Officials’ and ‘Bank of England Staff’ have been mentioned , but that could be anyone .

The PAP have therefore ascertained that the Golden Poodle should be awarded to a Mr./Mrs. Sources .

As such the award was dropped off at the Bank of England in the capable hands of Sheila Smith , a cleaner who we accosted on the corner of Threadneedle Street . Sheila assured us that the award would eventually make it to the rightful recipient .

Cultocracy tried to contact numerous UK Government politicians to comment on the award , where we received several polite rebuffs , including the slamming down of the telephone (numerous) , ‘No comment’ (several) and ‘F**k off’ (thrice) .

We eventually tracked down a Bank of England official in a nearby wine bar , who could well be a relative of the recipient , a Mr.A. Source , who said he would make the acceptance speech , which follows below :

“Yes , it is true that we actually control US foreign policy , although don’t quote me on that . Any country that refuses to hand over their people , resources and capital to private individuals will be punished and rightly so .

Do you know how much it actually costs to maintain a global empire ? do you know how much it costs to buy the C.I.A ? Not to mention the luxury yachts and large estates for everyone else (Don’t quote me on that) .”

“The simple fact is that the peasants do not need luxury , in fact they do not need anything at all , not even food or water . If the resources of a country were handed to a legitimate government they would sell them and squander the cash on food and water for the people , which I have already stated they simply do not need (Don’t quote me on that) .”

“Anyway you are wasting my time , time is money don’t you know , now where is my £1 million payment for the speech ?”

At this point we made a sharp exit , making a dash for the number (1)33 bus , whilst shouting out “£1 million , don’t quote us on that” .


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