Cuban Diplomats – The Programme

Cultocracy note :

More on the story that just will not go away .

The attacks on Cuban ‘diplomats’ and their families underlies a far deeper and darker methodology of societal control , eugenics , global racketeering , war , torture and murder .

Welcome to The Machine .

The Strange Case of American Diplomats in Cuba: As the Mystery Deepens, So Do Divisions in Washington

Trump officials insist the Americans were attacked, even as the evidence fails to materialize. “The Cuba thing is one of the few unsolved mysteries we’ve got,” an official said.

A sprawling investigation has enlisted law enforcement agents, intelligence officers and defense experts, as well as scientists and medical specialists from within and outside government. Analysts have combed through secret communications intercepts, and technologists have tried to reverse-engineer weapons that could produce the effects diplomats reported. Yet after more than 18 months of work, the investigators have been unable to answer basic questions about every major aspect of the case, many officials said.

Read the full article here at ProPublica

Cultocracy note :

For an answer to the ‘basic questions’ I advise the terrified officials to peruse the links below , if they dare .

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