Military & Space Science are Linked

According to Wikipedia Neil deGrasse Tyson is a US based astrophysicist and science communicator . He has been a cheerleader for NASA and also an advocate for increased funding for NASA research programmes , most recently Tyson has been a vocal mouthpiece for the a$teroid protection racket and the US Space Force . Tyson has also served on advisory councils for the Bush administration in the US and in 2006 was appointed to NASA’s Advisory Council .

In short he is a fully paid up member of the scientific branch of the deep state .

Neil deGrasse Tyson has recently authored a book titled ‘Accessory to War: The Unspoken Alliance Between Astrophysics and the Military‘ , the title is self explanatory .

Incidentally the book was released on September 11th , maybe a coincidence , maybe not .

The book outlines the collaboration between NASA and the military industrial complex , Tyson optimistically describes the relationship as a ‘two way street’ . Tyson would appear to reluctantly accept that a large swathe of the research and development conducted by NASA is in effect conducted on behalf of the deep state and their respective menagerie of paymasters , warmongers , cultists , profiteers and parasites .

Current deep state research is centered on string theory and the quantum realm , Inter dimensional travel is the current buzzword in the bunkers . Yes , the Madmen & Mengele Minds have been hard at work searching for new dimensions , the controllers are not interested in Mars , or anywhere else in space for that matter . The quest a bit like searching for rocking horse s**t , of course if you cannot find a new dimension you could always attempt to create one .

Modern satellite based atronomy telescopes probe the universe using a wide variety of wavelengths and radiation sources , they are sensitive to miniscule perturbations across the whole of the electromagnetic spectrum , maybe even beyond . It does not take a large leap of the imagination to realize the possibilities if the same satellite systems were turned inwards towards the Earth .

Basically NASA is now an adjunct of the CIA and IARPA , something many people have been aware of for decades .

Or is it the other way around ?

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