Five Eyes to Expand

Recent reports suggest that the Five Eyes crime syndicate are set to expand . Interestingly the Anglophile ‘intelligence gathering’ network is busy buttering up the Japanese administration , other reports suggest the German administration is also in the sights of the syndicate . I have had my own suspicions that both countries were already heavily influenced by the syndicate and probably have been since the close of WWII , the price of being on the losing side .

The Five Eyes syndicate is basically a organized crime gang , industrial espionage , money laundering , resources heists , tax evasion , corporate infiltration , arms sales and insider trading are their stock in trade , all carried out on a global scale . Murder , terrorism , bribery , blackmail , ‘influence’ operations , threats and intimidation are among the myriad of methods used to maintain their standing .

Did you really think that global intelligence gathering was connected to fighting crime & terrorism ? These people are the criminals and terrorists . Global intelligence gathering provides the vital edge for the military industrial complex and their partners in the corporate and financial worlds , knowledge is power .

As such any rivals will be confronted and attempts made to stifle any efforts to encroach on the Five Eyes ‘turf’ , that is any country in the world .

The current perceived enemy driving this particular expansion is China , which has always been regarded as the major threat to their own global dominance . The syndicate is afraid of the Chinese approach , which generally involves trade and friendship as opposed to war and terror . The syndicate is also afraid of Chinese technological prowess , which in many cases equals and even surpasses their own , technology is viewed as a vital component in the global battle for supremacy .


The country of Australia is now taking a leading role in the fight against China , possibly due to goegraphical reasons . The fight is now two pronged , it will involve the sabotage of any attempts to form trading and political relationships with other countries , alongside an information and propaganda war . It is a fight the Five Eyes syndicate has been losing , primarily due to their own warmongering , corruption , deception and hubris , this will be their eventual downfall , not Russia or China .

It does make you wonder exactly what they have up their sleeve to balance the scales .

Political and societal influence operations , blackmail operations and industrial espionage all rely on ‘intelligence gathering’ . Possibly the only tool that individuals , governments and the industrial , fianancial and corporate world have against syndicate interference is data encryption .

The self proclaimed standard bearers of freedom and truth have now decided that encryption is their number one barrier to full spectrum dominance and population control . Industries not already aligned with the syndicate are taking less and less notice of their veiled threats , many industries understand their methods and are now undertake active countermeasures . There is now constant syndicate pressure towards companies , particularly tech companies , to open up their products for inspection and create open doors for the deep state .

A new battle front is emerging , one that involves tech companies and the deep state . The tech companies are now being threatened with new legislation forcing them to comply , this battle has been rumbling on for a while now . The eventual outcome will be interesting .

In August this year the front men for the Five Eyes syndicate met on the Gold Coast in Australia , here they hammered out their strategy regarding tech companies and encryption . The general tone of the announcement followed the typical dialectic , that is countries across the globe are constantly under threat from “criminals , child sex offenders , terrorists and organized crime groups” , haven’t they just described themselves ? The only people who can provide ‘protection’ from these threats are themselves . This will involve more surveillance , more erosion of freedom and more societal control .

Does spreading fear actually still work as a tactic in a modern political environment ? Maybe it does when backed up by real terror attacks , sex attacks and large scale criminal activity . I think I have just described the ‘War on Terror’ which has conveniently spread in a contained and some would say pre-designed manner to domestic arenas .

Apparently it is for our own protection , a few quotes from the Five Eyes Gold Coast meeting press release are below . The Cultocracy translation is below , as provided by the Cultocracy Translation Machine (TM) .

Five Country Ministerial 2018

Official Communiqué

  • “Terrorism, child sexual abuse and exploitation, violent extremism, and coercive acts of interference and disinformation are enduring concerns of government”

CT : Terrorism, child sexual abuse and exploitation, violent extremism, and coercive acts of interference and disinformation are enduring components of government

  • “senior digital industry representatives did not accept our invitation to participate in discussions”

CT : Senior industry representatives understand fully our tactics and methods

  • “we reiterated the need for digital industry to take more responsibility for content promulgated and communicated through their platforms and applications”

CT : We need to control tech firms and thus control the discourse

  • “Globalised terrorist networks and violent extremists pose a real and unabating threat to our communities.”

CT : Which is why we fan the flames by bombing communities in the Middle East and sell them arms

  • “Ongoing efforts to bring about the decline and depletion of terrorist networks operating in the Middle East have created new risks as many foreign terrorist fighters return to their countries of origin”

CT : Search term ‘White Helmets’

  • “Collectively, we are among the most generous countries on earth in terms of humanitarian aid and refugee resettlement”

CT : Search term ‘White Helmets’

  • “We condemned foreign interference, being the coercive, deceptive and clandestine activities of foreign governments”

CT : Search term ‘Steele Dossier’

  • “Foreign interference…can….erode public confidence in our political and government institutions”

CT : Obviously an attempt to inject a little humour into the communique .

  • “We agreed to support G20 and Financial Action Task Force (FATF) efforts to combat illicit finance by increasing the transparency of legal persons and arrangements”

CT : This will not include offshore tax havens controlled by the Crown .

  • “The Governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are committed to personal rights and privacy”

CT : The Cultocracy Translation Machine (TM) exploded when it was fed the above statement .

Read the full communique at the link below .


They think we are all stupid .

They have already lost .

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