UK TETRA Masts & Project Pandora


TETRA is the communications network standard used by the UK emergency services .

The snappy acronym stands for ‘Terrestrial Trunked Radio’ .

The TETRA system was originally developed as a European wide standard for trunked radio .

There are many variants of TETRA along with many operators and infrastructure providers .

The TETRA infrastructure in the UK was provided by Motorola who partnered with British telecom as the provider (O2) .

The UK system was called ‘Airwave‘ .

There was apparently some controversy surrounding the awarding of the Airwave contract , although public information regarding the tender procedure is hard to find .

Two of the consortiums who submitted a tender later ‘dropped out’ , leaving only the O2-Motorola partnership to write a blank cheque to be picked up by the taxpayer . Other sources suggest that the tender process was rigged in favour of the O2-Motorola bid with rival companies being excluded .

Whatever the case , there was certainly a lot of confusion surrounding the ‘unproven’ technology and also the implementation cost , which is evident from a report issued by the National Audit Office (NAO) , found at the link below .

Special Relationship

The technology underpinning the Airwave system was provided by a Motorola subsidiary called Dimetra who partnered with another company Sepura .

Sepura is a legacy company of a UK electronics company called Pye .


I (S)Pye

Another legacy company of Pye is Simoco .

Military Technology

The UK TETRA system is based on military communications technology developed by Motorola .

Motorola is a part of the US military industrial complex (MIC) , it is included in a list of the top 100 US defence contractors .

Health Concerns

The pilot area was chosen , it was in the county of Lancashire in England .

Health concerns were raised soon after and continued as the Airwave grid was rolled out countrywide .

Needless to say the concerns were completely ignored by the authorities .

The mainstream media also highlighted the issues , although usually in an ambiguous manner .

DSTL Report on TETRA


Deep state research lab scientists found no potentially adverse health issues with the technology .

Now isn’t that a surprise .

Although the DSTL study seemed to choose its words very carefully when it stated :

“TETRA RF over a period of approximately one and a half hours did not specifically result in a robust sustained effect on cognitive performance, self-reported mood and anxiety state”

I am not sure what a ‘robust sustained effect‘ is , also ‘did not specifically‘ could mean anything , a bit like saying ‘the gunshot did not specifically cause the robust sustained hole in my head‘ .

The DSTL report did state that performance effects were noticed in 3 out of 22 tests performed on ‘volunteers’ . The Semantic Recognition (long term memory) ; Verbal 0-back (short term memory) and Visual Recognition (visual memory) tests , all showed decreased performance .

The DSTL report also stated that the potential effects on memory should be “treated with caution” , i.e. ignored .

A further investigation into whether TETRA RF could cause epileptiform activity in the brain was abandoned due to the fact that TETRA RF caused the stimulating and recording electrodes to heat up , making scientific measurements impossible .

The DSTL scientists did investigate the thermal effects of TETRA RF on C. Elegans , a type of worm . The wordsmiths were employed again when the report stated ‘no differential heating of the worms themselves could be resolved‘ , a bit like saying ‘I stepped out of the warm bath and fell into the fire , but I resolved no differential heating to my person‘ .

Although the above experiment into thermal effects did find that the agar in which the worms were secreted did show ‘bulk heating‘ . Note that agar is a ‘jelly like substance’ , similar to the human brain perhaps .

Cancer & sickness

It would appear that health concerns surrounding the TETRA system were well founded . The Airwave system does not only expose the radio handset holder or the people in close proximity to the mast to RF radiation . The handset also acts as a target that can be used to focus RF communications signals at a specific point , an array of transmitters can also act as a tower array which can focus an RF signal , similar to a beam .

The police service in particular seemed to know that something was amiss with the TETRA system .

Interestingly I cannot find the outcome of the cases listed above on the web .

Out of court settlements and gagging orders all round gentlemen .

Mast Finder

The telecomms regulatory authority in the UK is called Ofcom . According to the Wikipedia entry Ofcom ‘has a statutory duty to represent the interests of citizens and consumers‘ .

Which is probably why Ofcom pulled their sitefinder tool which allowed the public to search for communications masts , often the TETRA masts were labelled as O2 masts .

It should be noted that then siting of many TETRA masts were withheld from the Ofcom database , officials citing the ‘War  on Terror’ as an excuse , that is the Russians , I$I$ or even the Eskimos may disrupt the emergency communications networks . Those nasty terrorists .

Not to worry , several public minded citizens used the data from the Ofcom tool to create their own mast maps , although they may be out of date .

You can safely assume that there are TETRA masts at every police station , barracks , fire station and hospital in the UK , with many others dotted around the general landscape .

Other sites where you can find TETRA masts include prisons and places of higher education such as universities .

The Science

As is usual with ‘experimental’ technologies there is conflicting reports in the science journals . For every report citing the negative biological effects of microwave RF you will find two which cite no effects .

The corporate world and the military industrial complex have very deep pockets . Just like the political or intelligence establishments , the scientific establishment can be bought , information can easily be suppressed and distorted to suit an agenda .

A 2001 study by Dr. Neil Cherry found that Electromagnetic Radiation EMR reduces melatonin in mammals , which can cause a wide variety of health issues .

Barrie Trower is a microwave weapons specialist who has worked for the royal Navy and UK Intelligence , he is regarded by the establishment as a whistleblower and has produced numerous videos and articles which are available on the web .

In 2001 Barrie Trower produced a confidential report on TETRA for the Police Federation of England & Wales , in the report Mr. Trower outlined a wide variety of health issues regarding TETRA .

A government report produced at around the same was again carefully and craftily ambiguous in its findings , the report by the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation (AGNIR) stated :

“Although areas of uncertainty remain about the biological effects of low level radio frequency radiation in general, including modulated signals, current evidence suggests that it is unlikely that the special features of the signals from TETRA mobile terminals and repeaters pose a hazard to health.”

A little like me saying ‘when running across a busy motorway an area of uncertainty may remain as to whether the traffic may flatten me and break my bones , although it is unlikely that the special styling of the new Ford motorcar will pose a hazard to my health .

What do we pay these government scientists for ?

Covering themselves and other officials from future litigation ?

Burying the facts ?

Are they aware of who actually pays their wages ?

Obviously any scientific research which may confirm detrimental health issues would lead to a landslide of litigation from emergency service personnel and perhaps others .

Enter the Airwave Health Monitoring Study , a study of studies , an expert led official study conducted by official expert scientific minds . Not quite .

The study has been conducted over a period of several years to ascertain whether TETRA does cause health issues .

An initial paper released by the study team found TETRA had a ‘significant effect on the users’ brain waves‘ .

In 2016 the ‘scientific experts’ found that ‘acute exposure’ did affect EEG and ECG measurements which were ‘consistent with vagal nerve stimulation’ .

In short , the TETRA RF was found to stimulate the vagus nerve which in turn affected brain patterns . The scientific team also stated that ‘there was a prolonged period of analysis which highlighted certain technical difficulties in reaching a meaningful conclusion‘ .

Not sure what the above means , are scientists now indistinguishable from thieving , lying , duplicitous politicians ?

TETRA Phased Out

It was reported as far back as 2013 that the Airwave system could be replaced by a 4G system provided by EE .

Remember the Airwave system cost around £3 billion to implement , technology does move fast , but is an upgrade warranted ?

Does the upgrade relate to the findings of the Airwave Monitoring Study , the initial results of which were released in 2013 ?

2015 : Airwave was not happy at the decision and tried to block the contract .

EE was reported as having won the contract .

Airwave was now relaxed about the decision , possibly due to the fact that Motorola have been offered Airwave in its totality .

2016 : Wait a minute , Airwave has spat the dummy out again .

It would seem that there is an imperative to replace Airwave .

A ‘conscious decoupling’ is required and not a messy divorce , the EE LTE system will be phasered phased in .

The North West of England is the first UK region that will be Airwave free , where it started it will end . This should be happening right about now , at least according to the official document outlining the transition .

Why all the Fuss ?

So what information can we gather from the Airwave contract ?

Preferred contractors , tailored tenders , information from opponents quickly nullified by ‘official’ information , little or no scientific studies performed on the technology , open budgets , military contractors , silence and complicity from elected representatives .

This is a recurring theme when embedding covert technology into a societal framework . The preferred method is to hide everything in plain sight , dual use technology is all around us .

There has been and still is , an ongoing campaign of social engineering , manipulation , deception and organized criminal activity which is now slowly unravelling .

The science revolves around cloning subtle biological electrical signals found in the brain , nervous system and body . Then transmitting the cloned or copied synthetic RF signal at a human target , often using a carrier wave .

Remote electromagnetic manipulation of the central nervous system and biological neural manipulation are facts . Facts that many people will not accept or simply do not understand . To grasp the severity of the issue you should read all of the related links at the foot of this article , or maybe you would rather not .

Of course there is nothing to say that the EE LTE system is safer than the Airwave system especially when you consider that the LTE system uses transmitters that utilize beamforming and MIMO architecture . Out of the frying pan and into the fire .

All of this could be inconsequential in the future with the advent of 5G .

To quote Walter Bowart :

“It’s not going to stop until you stop it, or we stop it” .

To further quote Walter Bowart :

“This is all obsolete. Nanotechnology is where it’s at. Talk about implants – they don’t have to do that stuff. If you want to transplant a transponder in somebody it’s going to be the size of a molecule and it’s going to be run on an energy source that will last more than a human’s lifetime. You will be dead, your body will be decayed and that thing will still be sending off the signals. Nanotechnology is where it presently is at …”

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