Electronic Warfare – Gulf Cooperation Council

The manufactured conflict in Syria would appear to be drawing to an end , reports are now appearing in the media regarding ceasefire negotiations , peace negotiations and other negotiations . The US administration has been accused of abandoning the Kurds in Syria , who are now talking with the Syrian government .

Despite all of the MSM talk of barrel bombs and gas attacks , the reality is that Russian intervention has opened up a new sphere of military dominance in Syria aided primarily by electronic warfare capabilities .

Meanwhile the Western military industrial complex (MIC) has made a killing (no pun intended) on arms sales to both sides . Fearful Middle Eastern governments feel that they may well be the next target for an ‘insurgency’ , the modern global protection racket has been in full swing for two decades .

Based on a protracted undercurrent of fear both the Western MIC have donned their best suits and have sent their best sales people to the region .

It is a simple formula , I sell you a gun , I sell the ‘other side’ a bigger gun , someone else sells both sides a shield , someone else sells an ‘insurgency’ , this goes on ad infinitum until the madness stops or the fear subsides or until there is no cash to spend . Based on this supposition you could argue that conflict in the Middle East will never end whilst there are cash cows to be milked .

Which means never if the MIC has their way .

So at this point you would think that the arms manufacturers and their corrupt cohorts in the military and intelligence services would have nothing left to actually sell in an already saturated market .

Not true .


The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a loose power structure composed of several Gulf countries , incidentally all are monarchies , i.e. easily corrupted , bribed , blackmailed , brainwashed and manipulated .

The GCC Electronic Warfare exhibition  is an annual event and has been running for several years now .

Ramping up the fear factor the Western MIC has come to the conclusion that the failure to deploy regime change in Syria , i.e. place their own bad guy in power , is a direct result of Russian interference . Or more precisely Russian electromagnetic interference .

The Western MIC has now told the variety of ruling despots in the Middle East that the conventional arms that were peddled to them are now at risk of being rendered useless when pitted against electronic armaments .

The usual suspect is now touted as bearing down on their own countries with weaponry they are defenceless against , with their combined failure Syria being held aloft as a case in point .

Apparently Syria was brought back from the brink of I$I$ domination by what is termed a ‘Syria-wide air defence bubble’ , provided by Russia .

Western military controllers have also decided that electronic warfare was the deciding factor that enabled the Russian ‘invasion of Ukraine’ in 2015 .

The inference and major selling point being that the GCC Middle Eastern countries can also buy themselves an ‘air defence bubble’ , no doubt at a considerable cost .


The not so snappy acronym stands for ‘Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance’ .

Basically an internet of things tailored for military use which involves directed energy weaponry , electronic early warning , autonomous drones , electronic countermeasures , cyber warfare and last but definitely not least the information and propaganda war .

Read more about C4ISR at the link below :

A recent but simplistic article at C4ISRnet states that Syria does indeed represent the future of warfare .

The Usual Suspects

Back to the GCC EW exhibition .

The usual suspects are out in force including BAE Systems , SAAB , Harris , Leonardo DRS and Raytheon , who amongst other companies are sponsoring the event .

There seems to a particular interest this year in advanced satellite and ground based surveillance systems which utilize beam forming & phased arrays , used extensively in target tracking and also jamming .


With the increasing glut of weaponry flowing into the Middle East can we honestly see a future of peace and stability in the region ?

Not if the racketeers in the global MIC have their way .

The deserts in the Middle East are about to become a little drier .

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