Wayback Machine – Internet Archive


How do you find a snapshot of a defunct webpage or website ?

How many sites have you visited that are now inaccessible or have been scrubbed from the web ?

I use WaybackMachine quite a bit , I find it very useful , although it is flawed in some respects .

Wayback Machine is a non-profit organization and has no ties to the corporate world . Previously sites could opt-out of the Wayback webcrawlers by using a robots.txt file , this practice has apparently been ignored by Wayback since 2017 .

If you find a site that has any useful information you can also save the webpage to Wayback yourself .

Wayback also has a useful facility to check for broken links in a WordPress site .

Of course Wayback is no match for a hard copy , useful nonetheless , especially when you consider the alternative .


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3 Responses to Wayback Machine – Internet Archive

  1. There has been some controversy as to whether the Wayback is beholden to political interests.

    Then, there was the idea that they were webscrubbing or webwashing content.

    But much of that was debunked after it was revealed their offices, and computer servers were damaged in a mysterious fire.

    But Snopes.com, the politically biased fact-checking site with a progressive bias (and a messy history as the sites founders got divorced)appears to avoid being documented by the Wayback Machine.


    • cultocracy says:

      Hello , I did wonder about the mysterious fire myself . Wayback is not perfect , but it is a step in the right direction . I believe there are certain circumstances in which a person or site owner can get any archived pages removed from Wayback , it is also apparently blocked in China , India & Russia for some reason .

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      • Wayback is an incredible tool, and because so much evidence of how are propaganda stream works hand in hand with crisis PR trolls and CIA/FBI/JTRIG trolls (some 40% of all online comments come from US funded Pentagon operations), its not hard to imagine that its blocked in some places.

        Our .propaganda stream .is purely toxic waste, and corpirate interests backed by milutary and intelligence have turned it radioactive.

        In these cases of gang stalking which leads to mass shootings, we frequently see that web forums are a .major tool whereby targets are cyber-stalked and harassed by these elements, and then, after these people go ballistic the FBI webscrubs their Facebook acvounts to hide the trail of evidence pointing to online and offline mobbing.

        The Wayback machine is infinitely useful in these cases, because after the agencies wage psyops on these individuals, and then webwash the event from Facebook, we can find other online evidence that cyber-stalking contributed to these events.
        Mathew Riehl, in Colorado, William Atchison of New Mexico, Cosmo Setepenra, and many more left evidence in places other than Facebook that indicated that they were cyber-stalked by high level IC type activity, that used tracking, and databases to monitor them.

        Webscrubbing has its limitations as a practice of policing, and political disruption, and investigation into these issues requires more, not less web freedoms, and archives.

        So, yeah, h/t to the Wayback machine;)


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