US UK Military Veteran Suicides

This is a tragic story , one that just will not go away .

Whichever way you look at this issue , the figures are extremely disturbing and are a sad indictment of modern society .

There is something seriously , seriously wrong .

The organization Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) recently planted 5,520 US flags at the National Mall in Washington , one for every US military member and veteran that has committed suicide in 2018 .

UK Military  & Veterans

The picture in the UK is a little confusing .

This is because no official records are kept for suicide rates involving UK veterans .

Why is this ?

Not a massive job you would think , or maybe the M.O.D are simply not bothered as many of the suicide victims are from poorer backgrounds , or maybe the M.O.D think publishing these figures will hamper recruitment .

In 2009 the Guardian reported that the suicide rate for young military veterans was three times higher than the civilian suicide rate .

Stepping in where the government has failed , charity organization the Samaritans called for the M.O.D to collect UK forces veteran suicide statistics , this was in 2016 .

Fast forward to 2018 It would appear that government departments have still not acted .

Why is this ?

In fact the government still does not keep a comprehensive record of UK forces veteran suicides .

This year a few newspapers have reported that there are ‘glaring gaps’ in government veteran suicide rate statistics and that the government is turning a ‘blind eye’ ?

According the inews article at the top of the above list , the suicide rates for Canadian and Australian veterans are also above the civilian figures .

To quote from the article :

:: In America, where the death records of every veteran are collected by a dedicated Washington department, the suicide rate increased by 35 per cent between 2001 and 2016. A study by the Department for Veteran Affairs found that in 2015 the suicide rate was 2.1 times higher among US former military personnel compared with the civilian population.

:: In Australia, an official report in January this year found the suicide rate from 2002–2015 was 14 per cent higher among male veterans than all Australian men, after adjusting for age.

:: A Canadian government study based on records from 1976 to 2012 found that its veterans were at a “significantly higher risk of death by suicide” compared to civilians. The age-adjusted suicide rate for male veterans was 40 per cent higher compared to civilians and for female veterans the figure was 80 per cent.

:: There is no such equivalent information for the United Kingdom.

Apparently the issue has even been raised by Prince Harry .

Although according to the ‘Jimmy Saville Fan Club’ this is a non-issue .

Now I definitely know they are hiding something .

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3 Responses to US UK Military Veteran Suicides

  1. Nice work here. You have raised a significant issue.

    However, I think historical references can be beneficial-these horrific suicides have been a feature of all post-war periods in recent history.

    The old term for soldiers who were suffering this way was “shell shocked,”until the medical, and psychiatric community used a massive influence operation to change the term to PTSD.

    Guided by the bottom line, share holders, and profit margins, the military industrial complex realized that the costs of war could not be dumped on the publuc, once the public realuzed that.the MIC was to blame.

    So they applied Edward Bernays mind control/trance formation/influence operations, aka crisis public relations, to change the term to PTSD, which conveniently made shell shock less to blame, and added mystifying complexity, aka, Post Traumatic, AND stress to the “disorder.”

    That way, they could force the individual to confront all kinds of personal issues, ranging from childhood abuse, to gender issues, and common stress, and in so doing, take the blame off of the MIC, explosions, dismemdered bodies, disfunctional social paradigms if endless war, and insanity of a society predicated on constant, pre-emptive invasions.

    Psychiatry is a useful tool to blame individuals for .massive social problems, and alsi to assist in crisis PR, in order to sell big pharma dope, without ever solving the problem.


  2. Yes, I agree with the military testing on unwitting subjects. As we see with Chelsea Manning, and other war crimes whistle blowers, technology is a main feature.

    I think the larger issues, as we see in cases like Walter Laak in Las Vegas, and many other vets, is how the MIC/DVIC frames and blames the individual for collective actions of the state.

    In Laaks case, he was framed and scapegoated in a military tribunal as a torturer, and when in fact torture continues today in Guantanamo, and no one stops it.

    Walter Laak was also seeking to blow the whistle on Iraq war crimes, but he was surrounded by undercovers, and community informants working under the FBI/DHS Countering Violent Extremism rubrik, which worked for a decade in his case to craft, and contain a narrative.

    AKA- a frame job.

    And he is just one of thousands of vets who are used this way, used as human propaganda leaflets, that drive funding back to the MIC.

    As to what you call sins-again, this religious idea of sin is most frequently the same case- framing and blaming an individual with a super-impised morality, frequently in context to state or institutional corruption.


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