Life Expectancy Falling in UK & US

Cultocracy note :

Recent studies have shown a drop in life expectancy rates in both the UK and the US who are at the foot of a table comprising Western nations .

The drop in the UK & US bucks the global trend which has seen a rise in life expectancy rates . Obviously as poorer countries become more developed we should expect a global increase , but not a drop in both the UK and the US .

The drop is best illustrated by the graph below found in the Telegraph .

As can be seen from the tables the preceding six years for the UK & the US showed an increase in life expectancy .

It is said that ‘experts’ are struggling to fing the reason for the decline .

Highly irregular .

It will be interesting to check the same stats in another six years .

Life Expectancy Falling in UK & US

Jessica Ho, the leader author on the study, said: ‘Life expectancy is a core indicator of conditions of health and wellbeing in a country.

‘When progress in life expectancy stagnates or even reverses, it tends to be an important warning signal about conditions within a country. It’s extremely important to understand why life expectancy has declined, particularly when the declines are sustained over multiple years, as is the case for both the UK and the US.’

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