Killer Whales , Monsanto , PCB’s

Cultocracy note :

Monsanto introduced the world to PCB’s . The chemicals are still wreaking havoc on the natural environment today . As the authors of the research paper suggest there are many , many more toxic chemicals currently in use which may have a similar effect to PCB’s . The UK’s last remaining pod of Killer Whales are doomed to extinction .

There is a carousel of interconnected chemical giants who form a large global cartel .

Monsanto was recently absorbed by Bayer .


Long-banned toxin may wipe out many killer whales

By Elizabeth Pennisi –

Even though it was banned decades ago, one of the more dangerous industrial pollutants of the last century is wreaking havoc on killer whale populations worldwide. That’s the conclusion of a new study, which finds that polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) may be slowly wiping out some groups of these iconic marine mammals. PCBs also threaten other animals as well, including seals and sharks.

Companies produced more than a million tons of PCBs before scientists linked them to cancer and immune system, reproductive, and endocrine related health problems in both people and animals. The major user and producer, the United States, banned their production in 1978, and a global ban finally went into effect in 2004.

But these pollutants don’t break down easily. They are still leaking into the environment from landfills, river-bottom sediments, and other places they were dumped. Consumed by microbes, they enter the food chain and eventually they build up in fat and blubber of animals, especially top predators such as killer whales, which prey on other predators such as seals or fish that themselves have stored PCBs.

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