Confusion , Chaos & Control


Can you see the light ?

Cultocracy note :

The modern world can sometimes resemble a labyrinthine bunker , with most people at the centre in perpetuity . Many people like it at the centre , it feels conveniently safe and comfortable .

Even more conveniently , many others know nothing else .

Such is the state of the world at the present time . The truth is masked by deception and diversion . Very few people will attempt to navigate the maze , there are constant twists and turns , you may well end up back at the starting point .

Although occasionally , very rarely , the exit may become visible .

If the maze resembles modern life and all of its machinations , then the exit in modern terms is the truth .

Confusion , Chaos & Control

Most wars have no visible winners , in real terms there are only losers . A state may lose territory , it may bankrupt itself , global financial interests and corporations may temporarily lose a place at the trough and are occasionally replaced by their assumed rivals .

At an individual level there is incalculable suffering , loss and destruction .

So what purpose does war serve ? Does it serve the many ? Or does it serve the few ?

More importantly we should ask ourselves what ideology does war serve .

We could always tell ourselves that in a constantly shifting global landscape there is an inevitable ebb and flow of power , history tells us this is true . As one power emerges and slowly sinks under the inevitable tide of corruption and degradation then another power will emerge . Sometimes the new powers are the old powers in a new wrapper .

In previous times the controllers were able to shape both sides of the equation , allies were created and then sacrificed , enemies were also created and held aloft as a rallying cry .

Higher powers were able to scuttle their current vessel and then jump ship , often hedging their bets until the finishing post was in sight . Just like monkeys , they will not let go of one branch until they have grabbed another branch , sometimes the branch being one they have created themselves .

What would happen if a single power structure tried to halt the inevitable , if they tried to resist change ?

Perhaps this is what we are seeing at present , resistance to change , inevitable change .

There are now no friends or enemies .

There are only methods of control .

Previously the recipe for the method was a mixture of divide and conquer with ingredients of a religious , political , military or financial nature , often with a liberal sprinkling of ‘sorcery and witchcraft’ .

In the new epoch there are only technological methods .

A question every single person should be asking themselves at this point in time is not who’s ‘side’ are you on .

A more realistic question is whose side are the controllers on ?

You can guarantee one thing , it is not your side .


Consider that the terms of war constitute only a slight shift of opinion in the target population , left-right for example or in the Middle East Sunni-Shia . Mutually assured destruction will be the only result of a full-scale clash of steerable war machines , proxy wars are the order of the day , pragmatism dictates that any conflict should simmer but never boil over .

Some commentators see the emergence of a multipolar world , the current power brokers would argue that a multipolar world is simply a period of transition and as such should be resisted at any cost .

Unfortunately , like a boxing match , any war needs a ring and an audience . Just like a boxing match , the fighters are far removed from those who will inevitably gain .

Syria is the pivot of current global war games . Many countries are in some way involved , even if only at the periphery , even if they are only a small part of a coalition of the willing , the unwilling , the bribed and the blackmailed .

Not quite a new World War , or maybe it should be considered as what now constitutes a new World War .

The fireworks have been replaced by frequencies .

Special Relationships

Horse trading and backroom deals are available to all who are willing . Special relationships are the order of the day .

Although it would appear that the world in general has had more than enough of the US administration and it’s over eagerness to always dictate the terms .

The disobedience and intransigence which was once unthinkable gets worse .

The politicians who purport to represent Western interests and the Western people have lost all credibility . I do not know whether to laugh or cry at the following statement made by US president Trump at the UN today .

Mr Trump said: “Iran’s leader sow chaos, death and destruction.”

“They do not respect neighbours or borders of sovereignty of nations.”

“They enrich themselves and spread mayhem across middle east and far beyond.”

To be fair , Trump did not instigate the ‘War on Terror’ .

Although a question on many people’s minds is does he take his orders from the figures that did instigate the war .

Bad Things

There is always one ally the US administration can rely on , for now at least . You could argue that recent events suggest otherwise . Brexit is proving to be a troublesome distraction from the usual UK establishment routine of interference in other countries affairs , often resulting in wealth transference to tax-free offshore accounts .

The natives in the UK are getting restless , even rebellious , how dare they even think that domestic issues should supersede globalist imperial ambitions .

Perhaps a little nudge is required to send a resounding message to certain countries who are not falling in line and not pulling their weight .

Carefully crafted reputations are in tatters , desperation is knocking at the door , hysteria is spreading .

The whole narrative could unravel . Lesser things have previously brought down sections of (shadow) governments .


Ok , ok , May gets the message . Cue more horse trading and backroom deals from a terrified establishment .

Back to Syria

Russia holds the strongest hand .

Veiled threats delivered by the mainstream messengers suggest that this means nothing . The Syrian people will be subjected to destruction and genocide unless current global power brokers can dictate the terms of any ‘peace’ agreement .

Our enemies enemy is (and always has been) our friend .

The new push also requires a veil of morality and humanitarianism .

Desperation is turning to insanity .

But wait a minute , isn’t the ‘aid package’ back in the UK ?

Cultocracy note :

I have a bad feeling about the ‘aid package’ .

It gets worse , the minions of the malevolent miscreants are starting to believe their own lies and propaganda . Insanity is obviously infectious , the words ‘disgrace’ & ’embarrassment’ are non-existent in the establishment asylum .

Cultocracy note :

Perhaps there is a more scientific explanation for their rigid adherence to the narrative .

Business as usual

A potent provocation ?

A military miscalculation ?

I always work on the premise that there are no coincidences .

Air supremacy in Syria could give Moscow a vital advantage in putting a final end to the conflict , good news for the Syrian people , assuming that is what Moscow actually wants .

It could also mean bad news and protracted genocide for the Syrian people .

Another stalemate .

Unfortunately for the people of the Middle East , also more arms sales and slaughter .

They are all being played for fools .

Unfortunately for the people of the US and the UK , this also means more silencing of dissent , which in turn means the wider deployment of the tools of oppression and repression .

Perhaps the war is not only in Syria .

Is regime change on the cards ?

Global regime change that is .

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