Weaponized Dreams – CIA & Mi6

Cultocracy note :

Unfortunately scientists have already cracked the dream code , probably decades ago .

Now no part of your life is not open to probing , rape , experimentation & manipulation .

A certain Robert Moss is the subject of the article below , found over at Counter Punch , the article is an interesting read with a few interesting links .

Apparently Moss became the youngest university professor in Australia at the age of 21 , he was more than likely in the sights of the cabal well before then .

Moss is now a ‘dream teacher’ , one of his courses involves ‘Quantum Dreaming‘ .

A snip at only $1197.

Weaponized Dreams? The Curious Case of Robert Moss

After recently finishing a multi-part series on the long history of “fake” news propaganda behind America’s current anti-Russia hysteria, a friend sent an email she’d received from “Bestselling author & Dream Shaman Robert Moss.” Robert Moss currently leads seminars and workshops at some of the best known New Age institutions, such as Omega and Esalen. He had played an important part in our just completed series, but not as a dream coach offering workshops in “advanced shamanic dreaming practices to journey into other realms and receive wisdom and gifts for your life.” The Robert Moss we knew once played a vital role in delivering tailored propaganda, exaggerated threats and outright fabrications to intentionally heighten Cold War tensions with the Soviet Union. The Robert Moss we knew had been a key agent in steering Western Democracies toward extreme rightwing political candidates and policies. The Robert Moss we knew helped lay the groundwork for the rise of the new right-wing neoliberalism, the trickledown economics of Milton Freidman and the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Moss has been described as one of the CIA’s main disinformation assets; having contributed to the military overthrow of Chile’s elected president Salvador Allende in 1973 and the subsequent atomization of Chilean democracy. In his work for British intelligence it was Moss who wrote the famous speech that transformed Margaret Thatcher from a racist anti-immigrant campaigner into Britain’s “Iron Lady” in January 1976. It was Moss who tutored Iran’s top SAVAK agent in a last minute attempt to save the Shah and it was Moss who propagandized on behalf of South Africa’s Apartheid regime.

Read the full article at the link below :


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