France Bans Pesticides – Well Maybe

Recent news articles have stated that a proposed ban on neonicotinoid pesticides in France has now come into effect .

Although the situation is a little more complicated at ground level .



Monsanto of Glyphosate fame , was recently absorbed by Bayer , Monsanto had become a toxic brand , just like it’s products . This was primarily due to damaging exposure by independent researchers and independent journalists .

Neonicotinoid pesticides were developed by Bayer and Shell .

A few facts about Bayer :

  • Bayer was once owned by I.G.Farben
  • I.G.Farben produced Zyklon B which was used in the concentration camps of WWII .
  • I.G.Farben wa heavily involved with the Third Reich war machine .
  • I.G.Farben was alleged to have conducted human experimentation and overseen forced labour at WWII concentration camps .
  • After WWII , I.G.Farben became a toxic brand and was dissolved by the allies .
  • Bayer patented heroin .
  • Cutter Biological , a subsidiary of Bayer , was accused of knowingly selling HIV infected blood clotting agents to poor Asian & South American countries .
  • Bayer was involved in a massive fraud scam involving US state run Medicaid .
  • Bayer’s website suggests that the company is very interested in ‘sustainability’ .

Cultocracy note :

Environmental issues should not be confused with ‘sustainability’ , which is fast becoming a toxic term used by toxic brands .

Like most large corporate brands Bayer operates on a supranational and supra-governmental level . Bayer has a simple operational formula , one used by many corporations and many individuals with vested interests , one which we can see time and time again .

  • Politicians are ‘lobbied’ .
  • Scientific ‘studies’ supporting their products are funded .
  • Products are sold to greedy farmers who are only interested in increasing yields and therefore profits .
  • The farmers are generally the larger land owners or tenants of the larger land owners .
  • The products become a necessity , at the expense of the wider environment .
  • Bayer rakes in $billions .
  • The profits are divided between shareholders .
  • The shareholders in many cases being the larger land owners .

The attempts by the French government to ban pesticides can be seen in the wider context of trying to exclude certain toxic corporate interests from influencing policy making .

The French Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot was perhaps seen as a useful pawn in the armoury of more skillful politicians .

It would appear that he became wise to the Machiavellian machinations of high politics .

It would also appear that the French government and sections of the French people are engaged in a battle , a battle that could ultimately decide the future of the French environment and the beautiful French countryside . A battle that could dictate whether the people and their elected politicians can shape their own future , instead of a future shaped by unelected , poisonous corporate interests .

I say roll out the guillotine .

Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF)

Embattled bee colonies are by no measure out of the woods yet .

Research published earlier this year has linked ELF radiation from power lines and the resulting electromagnetic fields to the decline of honey bees .

It should be noted that power lines are not the only sources of EMF and ELF radiation .


Unfortunately the case of Bayer & neonic pesticides simply illustrates how the system of governance in most Western ‘democracies’ is deeply flawed . It is all too easy for wealthy corporate powers and indeed wealthy individuals (the two often go hand in hand) to buy and sell politicians and therefore formulate policies based on an agenda tailored to suit themselves rather than the country as a whole .

They would just as easily sacrifice people on the altar of power and profit , as they do bees .

So whose side are you on ?

Is it Bayer or the Bees ?

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