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Red Team – Blue Team

Not related to the Infowars website , but quite similar , are the real infowars which have been quietly smouldering in the background of global events . Out of sight and mind of most people , who have been distracted due to the fireworks , death and destruction of the real wars , particularly in the Middle East .

As the US administration and their partners in crime in the UK continue to prosecute  outdated conventional wars , goaded by conniving , corrupt , cultocratic , corporate institutions , again primarily based in the UK , another emergent global power has been quietly at work .

China is looked on by a Western oligarchical elite with envy , how do they manage to control the population with such ease ? The administration barely has to speak a word and can freely silence any person they see fit without a murmur .

You could argue that the Chinese populace lives in fear of the state , although this is less true today than it was decades ago . You could argue that the Chinese populace has less freedom of speech and is therefore unable to break the state monopoly on information , again , less true today than it was decades ago .

You could also argue that the situation described above is a more appropriate description for several modern Western societies , probably more true today than it was decades ago , certainly in the UK .

The reality is that China still has a national identity , the bulk of the population still trust their leaders , at least for now , the leadership is seen as acting in the national interest and not in the interests of those with the most wealth , again at least for now . Can the same be said for modern Western societies such as the UK ?

A new order is emerging , one that will possibly displace the now disgraced old order of invasion , obliteration , terrorism , global grand larceny and the resulting subjugation & slavery of a targeted population . If you are awake and aware , you can sense the change , it is all-pervasive . They (i.e. the powers that be) can always blame the old enemies , the ‘Russians’ seem to be particular targets , they can always blame North Korean hackers as a subtle swipe at China , they can always blame social media , they can always blame globalization which they have courted and now spurned , but they will never blame themselves .

The reality of the modern age is that information flows more freely , individuals are now starting to learn to discern and disseminate information from a wide variety of sources . Although globlization has led to profits and power for the select few , it has also led to an exchange of ideas and information between the select many . The older , once proud and ‘trusted’ forms of communicating to the masses have been discredited and degraded , newer alternative media sources have emerged from the ashes , you can now access a variety of viewpoints on any particular topic at the touch of a key . Total control of the discourse is not possible , although the powers that be will still try .

The response from the prehistoric parasitical old order is predictable to say the least . Control , control and even more counterproductive control . The notion of control now extends to each individual , not just the narrative .

They have continually disgraced themselves on the global and domestic stage , the old tricks do not work anymore . Deception , lies and propaganda are backed up by even more deception , lies and propaganda , the house of cards is slowly collapsing .

They simply do not get it , at least that is true for the controlling Western powers , completely and utterly debauched by the power that they have wielded on the road to power and riches . Behind them is a long and bloody trail of human , social , cultural and environmental destruction .

It is time for change . Unfortunately they do not know how to change , they are beyond help .

Power corrupts and total power corrupts totally .


What is informatization ?

Some commentators have likened informatization to industrialization . It is thought that information will transform and impact a society in much the same way that industry transformed modern societies .

The definition of informatize is below .


The third entry regarding ‘Communications and information’ is probably all that is required to explain informatization . Unfortunately in a modern world ‘something’ that can be converted and informatized will include yourself , or at least your behavioral patterns , lifestyle patterns and other miscellaneous details of your life .

So what happens with all of the information that has been informatized ?

Do you reverse engineer potentially lucrative applications from the glut of information ?

Possibly .

Do you employ teams of key pushers to sift , collate and categorize the information and use it as a tool of mass surveillance and societal control ?

An impossible task , even for a large mass of human data crunchers equipped with powerful computers and the latest software .

Artificial intelligence is the key .

Another more obvious question is how do you use all of the information that has now , or will in the future be informatized ?

Most rational and normal human beings would like to use informatization to enhance a society , the most obvious use is to enable and expand the information flow for educational purposes . Making information more accessible to the wider population is surely beneficial to everybody .

Unfortunately this viewpoint is not shared by the powers that be , where an educated and informed individual is seen as anathema , such is the depth of their degeneracy and depravity . Being empowered makes a person a potential threat to the status quo , that is the status quo dictated by the controllers . Their warlike and warped version of the status quo involves false information , false flag operations , misdirection , misinformation , weapons of mass destruction , invisible enemies around every corner , fear and terror . It is all they know .


For pointers in the direction of how informatization can be utilized we should look at how the Chinese administration plan to use the ‘informatization revolution’ .

The details are fuzzy and a little vague . According to state-run Xinhau , China plans to use informatization as follows :

  • Promoting social and economic development and reform
  • Promoting e-government and pushing forward the informatization of national defense
  • Pushing forward the development of capacities for independent innovations
  • Speeding up reforms and pushing ahead system and mechanism innovations, sticking to a market-oriented and demand-oriented direction
  • Strengthening talent training and improving the national informatization capacity
  • Building an information security guarantee system

In short , the Chinese drive towards informatization would appear to involve the digital transformation of services and infrastructure . Hopefully contributing to social and economic reform i.e. modernization , which will hopefully mean a better life for the average person in China . Or so we would all hope , after all , China as a country does not really have a history of invasion and slaughter .

From a Western administration perspective , paranoia seems to have set in , as to be expected , informatization is the new weapon of war , it is being deployed against Western societies in an attempt to undermine , degrade and eventually destroy those societies . Whether it is election interference , hacking the electricity grid or spreading fake news , they now feel they are at war .

But then again war is good , good for the few that is , not good for the wider world and the domestic taxpayer , but hey , when have they ever mattered ?

Again Western based oligarchies are not able to face up to the harsh reality , cognitive dissonance prevails , it is a war they have already lost . Lost in the quagmire of corporate greed , militarization , war , subversion and sedition , a quagmire of their own creation . It is not only important that they win , it is also imperative that others lose . Rigging the game is a favoured tactic , lowering the playing field is the favoured method . The greatest fear of the few is a fairer world where power and wealth is distributed evenly .

China has now caught up to Western industry , in some cases China’s efforts now surpass Western technological innovation , something that was obvious to many observers decades ago . Chinese industry is now the innovator , where once it was the imitator .

The informatization revolution ties in closely with the new lead in technological research and development . Where once the Chinese administration were renowned for industrial espionage , they now seek to protect their own home-grown industrial secrets . It should be noted that every industrialized country engages in ‘industrial espionage’ , although not every country has followed the yellow brick road to globalization where whole industries are sold off to the highest bidder or transplanted to a foreign country . If the rise of China was based purely on stolen secrets then we should expect Russian industry to be in a comparable position .

The informatization revolution in China also ties in very closely with the Belt and Road initiative , parallel to the trade in actual goods is the proposed trade in digital goods and services . The Belt and Road initiative has been reported in Western MSM outlets as ‘sparking global concern’ , more recently a ‘group of panelists from Europe’ have expressed concern that ‘China is challenging the world order’ .

Would that be the New World Order or the Old World Order ? Or maybe the New , New World Order ? Or maybe just the World Order ? Do we have a World Order at present ? Surely that is a conspiracy theory ? I am now confused .

As far as most people are concerned I think I can safely say that China can challenge all they like as long as they are not bombing countries into oblivion and not spreading terrorism and torture across the globe .

Asymmetric Cyber Warfare

The new war will not be fought with ‘clubs and swords’ , as modern conventional weapons are now referred to in the ‘spheres of the cybermen’ . New wars are now fought in cyberspace , silent weapons are used for quiet wars , this has been expanded on in recent years and now encompasses all Earthly realms and also more importantly , space . Cyberspace is also not restricted to cables or computers , it is now all around us .

That is not to say that conventional warfare and the related industries are not useful . They are useful , primarily as tax extraction machines , research and development vehicles and also as tools of terror , both domestic and global .

The response from the US administration can be seen with the formation of the new Space Corps . The digital realm will ultimately be controlled from space .

Further information on the potential US response to the ‘threat’ can be gleaned from an article by Mr. Charles Rybeck , Mr. Lanny Cornwell and Dr. Philip Sagan . All are ‘senior advisors to the U.S. Intelligence Community and Department of Defense’ .

The article in question can be found in PRISM Volume 7 . In case you were wondering what PRISM is PRISM is published by the Institute for National Strategic Studies at the National Defense University .”

A few quotes from the article are below the image which can be found at the foot of the article  . The image is apparently the ‘Z Machine’ , the largest X-ray generator in the world (looks like a massive brain to me) .


A National Security Enterprise Response – Digital Dimension Disruption

“The digital dimension is simultaneously enhancing and disrupting the fabric of life in every society where modern, informatized technology is present. The slow-motion collapse of parts of the 20th century’s legacy is now accelerating in ways that likely will usher in a monumental realignment of societal institutions, methods of business, and fundamental ideas about national security.”

“The U.S. National Security Enterprise (NSE or Enterprise) has not yet grasped, as evidenced in budget priorities, what it means to live in a world where the threats reside at considerable distance, at scales beyond our imaginings, and at speeds that cannot be easily comprehended. Information technology has penetrated all aspects of our lives and the informatized threat is a clear and present danger. The People’s Republic of China has penetrated our defense supply chain, North Korea has exposed our corporate vulnerabilities, and Russia has threatened our social cohesion. From a national security perspective informatized threats are by no means limited to the military or intelligence domains. “

After much blathering , fear mongering and hot air the article concludes by stating :

“The NSE simply cannot afford to wait until adversaries inflict catastrophic damage before it strategically aligns and takes the steps that it already knows are needed. In advance of the unthinkable, can America do what it takes to provide for the common defense in this era of informatized conflict?”

I am not too sure about ‘catastrophic damage’ , I myself usually try to avoid hyperbole , but then again I simply seek to educate and not influence or intimidate .

The full article can be found at the link below :

Further action includes limiting the spread of newly created technology platforms , that is technology platforms developed by chinese companies . There are several ways to limit a technology from proliferating , you could introduce sanctions on particular industry sectors for example , whilst also perpetuating the notion that certain products double as spying devices .

You will always need to convince several other nations of your fears , this will no doubt involve large ‘incentives’ being made available to the right people . Although sadly , in some cases even incentives are not required for subservience .

This tactic smacks of desperation , are the ‘fears of spying’ real or imagined ? You can learn a lot about a person (or administration) by what they say about other people .

Of course there are absolutely no Western manufactured products that contain back doors that could give state actors full control over your device .

Whatever response is deemed necessary to stifle the ambitions of China you can be sure of one thing , it will cost the taxpayer a whole bundle of cash and some .

Artificial Intelligence – AI

As stated earlier , the key to informatization (yes , sorry , that word again) is artificial intelligence , it is the glue that will bind everything together into a single cohesive machine .

Maybe that single cohesive machine will also include you .


Several questions .

Who do you think will win the informatization race ?

Will it be the US administration and it’s ‘allies’ , or the Chinese administration and it’s ‘allies’ ?

Maybe the question is irrelevant .


Maybe a more pertinent question is who will lose .

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