Pentagon to spend $2 billion on Artificial Intelligence


Cultocracy note :

An article in The Verge tells us that the race to create AI based military systems has just been given a boost .

The contract follows hot on the heels of a similar contract awarded to Booz Allen , the crux of both contracts is the ability to create AI which can ‘explain itself’ .

Regarding the Booz contract , Josh Sullivan of Booz stated :

“Humans are more important now than ever when it comes to applying AI because we have a moral compass, an understanding of legal and regulatory frameworks, and we care about preserving human life,” Mr. Sullivan said. “Machines are looking at math.”

The man obviously has a sense of humour .

Team Platypus

To quote from an article regarding the another AI contract (Team Platypus contract) :

“The vision is for future weapons and sensors, robots and satellites, to work together in a global “mosaic,” DARPA director Steven Walker told reporters. Rather than rely on slow-moving humans to coordinate the myriad systems, he said, you’re “building enough AI into the machines so that they can actually communicate and network (with each other) at machine speed in real-time.”

A few excerpts from the Verge AI article are laid out below , the Cultocracy translation (CT) is below each excerpt :

“a new effort to make such systems more trusted and accepted by military commanders”

CT : Current AI systems are unreliable and erratic .

“Trump administration’s technical chieftains have strongly backed injecting artificial intelligence into more of America’s weaponry as a means of competing better with Russian and Chinese military forces.”

CT : We must maintain our lead over potential rivals , we must be the destroyer of countries and not them .

“The DARPA investment is small by Pentagon spending standards”

CT : Very little of this money will be siphoned off for ‘Black Projects” .

“Turning more military analytical work – and potentially some key decision-making – over to computers and algorithms installed in weapons capable of acting violently against humans is controversial.”

CT : Human operators baulk at destroying an entire wedding party to kill one ‘high value target’  , computers do not .

“…commanders have been hesitant about surrendering control to weapons platforms partly because of a lack of confidence in machine reasoning”

CT : The ‘black box‘ .

“What we’re trying to do with explainable AI is have the machine tell the human ‘here’s the answer, and here’s why I think this is the right answer’ and explain to the human being how it got to that answer,”

CT : We are trying to fuse artificial neural networks with hybrid DNA based systems .

“Horowitz added that if AI systems could prove they were using common sense, ”it would make it more likely that senior leaders and end users would want to use them.”

CT : ?!?!?!?

(Cultocracy Translation Machine (TM) malfunctioned at this point , unable to link ‘common sense’ with ‘senior leaders’)

Conclusion :

I do wonder if the multitude of future AI based systems will succeed where the human factor failed . I still wonder how the massive , all pervasive US intelligence network failed miserably when it came to one of the worst atrocities committed against the US populace .

Some of us are already acutely aware of how AI is deployed and how the research into AI based systems tramples indiscriminately over the very essence of humanity , the course of a person’s life can now be decided by the press of a key . In the future , similar systems may become completely automated , rather than the partially automated system seen at present .

Perhaps the subsequent massive budget increases of the intelligence organizations will put pay to such negligence and indiscriminate human experimentation in the future .

Or perhaps not .

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