Thule Air Force Base , Greenland

Media reports suggest that a ‘meteor’ was responsible for a fireball (bolide) apparently seen high in the atmosphere above Thule Air Force Base in Greenland , the event happened on the 25th July 2018 .

The fireball was reported as being detected by US government sensors , it was first reported by Ron Baalke , a researcher at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena , California .

Official fireball and bolide reports appear to confirm the event .

The ‘meteor’ event occurred quite close to the ozone layer .

The ozone layer has been damaged and depleted in recent decades .

Thule Air Base

The fireball could well have been caused by a meteor , although if the Thule Base was somehow involved it could well have been caused by something entirely different .

Thule Base is controlled by the shadowy Air Force Space Command , who’s logo looks suspiciously similar to the Star Trek logo .


Start Wreckin – Across the Atmosphere

The Air Force Space Command can be considered as being in overall control of the myriad of satellite borne ‘defence and communications’ systems orbiting the Earth .

As can be expected , Thule base has very close connections to several large defence and aerospace contractors such as Harris , Lockheed Martin & BAE Systems .


According to the document above the Thule Base provides the following services  :

“This network directly supports space operations by providing telemetry tracking and commanding to satellites developed and deployed by DoD, other US government agencies, and allied governments.”

“It also provides data distribution and routing systems to support external users programs and other ground elements.”


Thule base is also involved in the HAARP campaigns .

In basic terms an ‘ionospheric heater’ can form an area of charged particles in the Earth’s atmosphere . This area of charged particles can be used as a steerable ‘mirror’  which can reflect radio frequency (RF) signals over large distances . Using beam forming technologies the signal can also be focused and directed at a specific area , it can also be used to track a target .

The diagram and text below illustrates a typical artificial ionospheric mirror (AIM) system . This particular patent was submitted in 1990 and is now claimed by BAE Systems .



FIG. 1 illustrates the creation and use of An Artificial Ionospheric Mirror (AIM) for tracking aircraft and reflecting radio waves. A heater antenna 1 radiates power causing avalanche ionization or breakdown releasing free electrons in the atmosphere to generate the AIM 2. The heater antenna 1 is an array which can be used to focus energy at varying altitudes and elevations to tilt the AIM 2 using phase and frequency control. The AIM 2 simulates the ionosphere 3 which is also used to detect “over the horizon targets” 5. In addition, the AIM 2 can reflect radio signals transmitted from a transmitter 6 to a receiver 7 over long distances.

There are many similar systems , with more coming online by the day .

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