Operation Thalia – Aston Hall , Trauma Programming , Establishment Quacks

“Operation Thalia was a police investigation into allegations of non-recent child sexual abuse at Aston Hall Hospital in Derbyshire during the 1950s, 60s and 70s.”

The abuse was centered around Dr. Kenneth Milner who controlled Aston Hall Hospital .

The report of the investigation was recently made public .

The mainstream media (MSM) reported the report . As usual the main suspects are dead or could not be traced (how convenient) . As usual the MSM articles do not delve too deeply into the wider story , which is large scale human experimentation and trauma programming conducted by the establishment . Sexual abuse , particularly sodomy , plays an integral part in the programming of sex slaves . In this particular case it is likely that the programming was intended to produce sex slaves for use by establishment figures and the ‘intelligence’ agencies and their corrupt cronies .

A tale of Two ‘Experts’

The police investigation team sought the advice from two experts .

The first was establishment super-quack , Professor Sir Simon Charles Wessely .

As expected Weassely followed the establishment script to the letter , he suggested that many of the victims could possibly have ‘false memories‘ and be ‘making up’ their stories . Weassely also stated that Milner could not possibly be conducting research as there was no associated paperwork or journals . In real terms that means no paperwork was found , there is never a paper trail in this type of clandestine operation involving human guinea pigs .

Not wanting the investigation to impinge on his (lack of) credibility any further , Weaselly pointed the investigation team in the direction of Professor Sir Michael Rutter . Contradicting Weassely , Rutter stated that in his opinion the cocktail of drugs administered to the victims would not lead to ‘false memories‘ .

Royal College of Psychiatrists

The obituary of Milner states that he was elected as a “founder fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 1971″ (previously the Medico-Psychological Association) :

The online archive of “Honorary Members & Fellows” of the Royal College of Psychiatrists makes no mention of Milner .

Although the archive does mention other members of the ‘Josef Mengele Fan Club’ , who must have rubbed shoulders with Milner .

The April 1971 entry mentions eugenicist “Lionel Sharples Penrose” .

Alongside “Dr Isobel C.H. Wilson” .

Who shares a very similar name to Isabel G.H. Wilson , who was extremely interested in insulin shock treatment .

No doubt the same person .

Insulin shock causes extreme psychological trauma which can lead to dissociation .

Dissociation is used to create an ‘alter’ personality which can be programmed with specific instructions or character traits , the alter personality lies dormant in a persons subconscious mind until it is triggered . Global ‘Intelligence’ organizations and cult groups regularly use this type of programming for espionage operations , human trafficking and exploitation .

No list of ‘Mengele Minds’ would be complete without Mi5 ‘consultant’ Dr. William Sargant , who appears in the 1973 entry of the Royal College of Psychiatrists online archive .

I am sure there are many other ‘Mengele Minds’ in the archive .

Professor Sir Simon Charles Wessely

Like most stooges who have sold out for a listing on the establishment payroll , Weaselly gained instant credibility in certain circles by being knighted and parachuted into a number of distinguished positions . Thus catapulting him into the world of global deceit and scientific shysterism .

In fact , it appears that Weasel is on several payrolls .

Positions that Weaselly has weaselled his way into include :

  1. Professor of psychological medicine at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London
  2. Director of the King’s Centre for Military Health Research
  3. Honorary consultant psychiatrist at King’s College Hospital and the Maudsley Hospital
  4. Civilian consultant advisor in psychiatry to the British Army
  5. President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Weasel also has links to the British Ministry of Defence and the US Defense Department , very intriguing .

Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Weasel has been derided and called out by veterans suffering from ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ (GWS) and also sufferers of ME/CFS .

Weakling Weasel would like to label any unidentified physical illness as a psychological illness , this covers a wide range of modern ailments , apparently if it is not in the text books then it all in your head . I think many of us can understand where the establishment is going with this , cover ups and collusion with unqualified quacks is normal policy in modern times . Labelling a single victim as suffering from a mental illness is standard procedure in certain situations , specifically situations that require that the truth be buried or obfuscated . How can you use the same technique on a much larger scale ?

Well , according to the establishment book of deception and discreditation you first plant a phony into a position of trust and respectability , you let them give lectures to their peers , you tout them as an ‘expert’ in their field , you peddle their research papers , you give them slots in the MSM , you promote them into positions which add to the illusion .

Weasel uses his ‘expertise in psychiatry’ in an attempt to convince the public to quaff from the cup of quackery . He simply promotes the latest line of establishment propaganda in a feeble attempt to ridicule his critics and silence any opposition to the official narrative .

You can’t say that the establishment do not plan ahead . Weasel has now appointed himself as an expert in the field of electromagnetic radiation , mobile phone masts are his new area of expertise . Predictably , if you think you have a physical condition related to RF exposure from mobile phone masts , then you are crazy .

According to Weasel , yes , it is all in your head .

Connecting the dots

A clue to the cause of many modern ailments may be provided by Weasel himself , in his research into CFS (Chromic Fatigue Syndrome) Weasel stated :

“The work showed that the hypothalamic pituitary axis functioned differently in CFS to how it does in well people – with a particular pattern of low diurnal cortisol. This finding is now I think the single most replicated biological abnormality in CFS” .

It does make you  wonder what they have to hide ?

It must be something big .

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6 Responses to Operation Thalia – Aston Hall , Trauma Programming , Establishment Quacks

  1. Cath Morgan says:

    This document shows Milner alongside many other “usual suspects” including Sargant iin 1954 “THE ROYAL MEDICO-PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION
    1841 YEAR BOOK
    I have a copy – happy to send it if you are interested
    Cathi Morgan


    • cultocracy says:

      Hello , is the document an electronic copy or a paper copy ? If it is electronic you can email it to cultocracy@tutanota.com .
      If it is a paper copy is it possible for you to scan the relevant page and email them to the same address ?

      Information on this central core of establishment ‘professionals’ is hard to find , I am sure most of it has been scrubbed from official archives , that is if it ever existed in the first place .
      More worryingly , the ‘research’ instigated by the UK establishment and their partners still continues to this day , although in a more refined , secretive and silent manner .

      Liked by 1 person

      • Cath Morgan says:

        It’s electronic and I’ve sent it on to youWhen I started researching these characters around 10 years ago all the journals were free to access, these days hardly any are . . luckily I kept a lot of what I found.
        I’ve mapped out a lot of the connections that I’ve been able to document . . here is a link to my mind-map, showing what I’ve been able to find up to now on Milner’s connections


    • cultocracy says:

      Thanks for the link .
      I remember taking a look at the same page several years ago , I didn’t realize how tangled the web was , it makes you realize how the entire psychiatric system in the UK has been co-opted and used primarily as a cover for establishment behavioral modification programmes .
      It is always wise to archive or keep hard copies of any information .
      The powers that be spend an awful lot of time and taxpayers money simply covering up their crimes , these days this means censoring and scrubbing information from the internet .

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cathi Morgan says:

    Absolutely! I’m updating the mindmap regularly btw. Thanks


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