America’s New World Order is Officially Dead


About to Crash & Burn

It should now be glaringly obvious to most people that the ill conceived ‘War on Terror’ represented a last throw of the dice by the Western establishment , an attempt to shore up a corrupt and rotten system based on slaughter , war , lies and racketeering . An attempt to hold back emerging global powers and once vassal states from reclaiming their freedom . Freedom from blackmail , bribery , terrorism and coercion .

The global geopolitical landscape is changing . Countries are now wise to the Machiavellian machinations of the established powers , powers they wrongly perceived as their once friends and allies .

European countries are moving away from Western establishment administered policies , particularly foreign policy , there is serious talk of an integrated European defence force , was this the real reason for Brexit ? South American countries are slowly regaining independence , as are Asian countries . Silent wars are now being fought on multiple fronts , conquest and regime change is becoming increasingly difficult to deploy .

The Western establishment is severely overstretched . Domestic debt is increasing , trade exports are decreasing , a level playing field is not something that they are familiar with , protectionism is the new buzzword , domestic oppression in now the norm . Self preservation has always been the foremost policy of the Western establishment .

The answer to this quandary is to leverage NATO bloc countries to increase ‘defence’ expenditure , the definition of insanity . No doubt the controllers feel that increased expenditure can be poured into the development of increasingly ‘exotic’ technology that can tilt the scales in their favor , they are wrong . Rival power structures now possess the same technology , counter measures have been developed .

Syria represents a turning point in the emergent multi-polar global power structure .

Word on the street is that the doomed foray into Syria has been costly , very costly , in both political and human terms .

The casualty count is high .

Previously staunchly partisan groups now feel that they have been betrayed . Sacrificed on the altar of globalism by a frenzied , greedy & grabbing ‘power elite’ .

But then again , haven’t we all been betrayed by the very same people .

Further reading :

Bloomberg: “America’s New World Order is Officially Dead”

“And while Brands blames Russia and China for America’s decline – it should be noted that the “US-led global integration” Brands and others within the halls of corporate-financier funded policy think tanks promote, was little more than modern day empire.”

“Post-Cold War, the United States abused and squandered its monopoly over military and economic power. It led serial wars of aggression across the globe, destroying entire regions of the planet. It proved that whatever the rhetoric was used to sell its unipolar world order to rest of the world, it was in practice an order that ultimately served Wall Street and Washington at the expense of everyone else on the planet.

May’s Syria Policy Gets Thumbs Down from Bipartisan Group of UK Pols

“Since the Syrian conflict began in 2011, the U.K. has been an instrumental part of the U.S.-led coalition active in Syria and has also been a major source of funding for armed Syrian opposition groups, having spent millions of pounds on financing such groups — often with terrorist affiliations — since 2012.”

Israel Evacuates Hundreds of Members of White Helmets Rescue Group From Syria

“Israel calls move an ‘exceptional humanitarian gesture’ that was done at the request of the U.S. and its European allies due to ‘an immediate threat to Syrian lives'”


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