Saudi Prosecution Demands Maximum Penalty for Filipina Worker for Supporting ISIS ?!?!?!?

Cultocracy note :

Had to laugh at this one . The hypocrisy of the leaders from Headchoppers Inc. knows no bounds . An unusual case in that they are actually more corrupt as human beings than the corrupt UK establishment that formed them in the first place .

Something that I would have thought impossible .

Saudi Prosecution Demands Maximum Penalty for Filipina Worker for Supporting ISIS

A Filipina domestic worker was charged with supporting the ISIS terrorist organization.

The Saudi public prosecution demanded Tuesday the maximum penalty against a Filipina domestic worker for supporting the ISIS terrorist organization.

She is also charged with following ISIS ideology, communicating with some supporters of the organization inside the Kingdom and abroad and meeting people through social media for the same purpose.

In the first hearing of the Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh, the indictment said that the suspect communicated with other domestic workers who support ISIS and provided media support to the organization by glorifying it, promoting its ideas and seeking to spread its ideology.

It accused her of preparing, sending and storing material that would harm the public order by storing in her mobile phone and computer video clips and pictures supporting ISIS.

She also communicated through social media with ISS supporters, followed up the organization’s news on Twitter and Facebook, which are crimes punishable by law.

The public prosecutor demanded the maximum sentence against her, the closure of all her social media accounts, confiscation of her mobile phone and deportation after she finishes serving her sentence.

Source : Asharq Al-Awsat

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