Quantum Illumination & Entanglement

Recent reports have suggested that the Chinese military has increased the capabilities of it’s quantum radar system . The system has been under development for at least five years , it would appear that the Chinese military is rapidly catching up with the Five Eyes Syndicate .

Previous reports stated that the system had an effective range of 100km .

It was recently reported that the system is now able to scan and probe “the upper atmosphere and beyond” .

MIC & Deep State behemoth Lockheed Martin has developed a similar system , European patents for the system were applied for back in 2006 .

Other countries are now jumping on the quantum radar bandwagon .

Cultocracy note :

The sky’s gonna fry and so am I .

Quantum Radar

In the above diagram (a) we can see that both optical cavities and microwave cavities are used to produce the desired resonant frequencies (light and microwaves) .

A resonator can be considered as a system that can generate waves of a specific frequency .

The mechanical resonator in the above diagram (a) entangles the microwave signal and the optical signal .

The microwave signal is then transmitted to the target location (just like regular radar) whilst the optical idler is stored back at the bunker (not like regular radar) . The returning  microwave signal is converted back to light , where it is combined with the stored light .

The measurements of the combined optical signals provides a far more sensitive detection system than conventional radar systems .

In a real world situation the entangled signal will suffer decoherence due to environmental factors , basically quantum entanglement will be lost , but not completely .

The question is how can you improve the whole system so that there is zero or negligible decoherence ?

Quantum Illumination


What if you could combine quantum radar & nano technology with NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) technologies such as fMRI ?

Could quantum radar be sensitive enough to detect signals from the human body ?

Well , several academics think that this scenario is possible .

“But the theory also predicts that improvements in the quality of the optical equipment used in the experiment could double or perhaps even quadruple the signal-to-noise ratio. Since detection error declines exponentially with the signal-to-noise ratio, that could translate to a million-fold increase in sensitivity.”

“This research can potentially lead to the development of a quantum LIDAR which is able to spot almost-invisible objects in a very noisy background,” he adds. “The working mechanism of quantum illumination could in fact be exploited at short-distances as well, for instance to develop non-invasive techniques of quantum sensing with potential applications in biomedicine.”


Incidentally , the Space Fence was also developed by Lockheed Martin .

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