State Brainwashing , Learned Helplessness & University Suicides


The following image is from a 1956 C.I.A document titled ‘Brainwashing from a Psychological Viewpoint’ . The document relates to standard techniques used to deconstruct the psyche of an individual , brainwashing of any particular flavor desired by the controller will then follow . As you can imagine modern mind control methods have been perfected and honed , the basic ‘method’ still applies . The 1956 document related to a prisoner or enemy combatant in a conflict situation , the prisoner will obviously know that the interrogator is his enemy . Modern mind control methods rely on the victim assuming that the controller is his / her friend , this assumption streamlines and speeds up the whole process .

The document was declassified and released in 2007 .


As you can see from the document the victim will undergo a wide variety of mental states that will induce psychological stress , confusion and impose a generally negative frame of mind on the victim .

  1. Brainwashing from a Psychological Perspective (PDF)
  2. In the ‘50s, CIA decried Soviet torture tactics that would later be used at Gitmo and Agency black sites

Learned Helplessness

Ultimately the whole process leads to a mental state known as ‘learned helplessness’ . The victim is led to believe that his whole life depends on the whims of the controller , obviously this mental state may make the victim act upon the commands of the controller .

‘Targeted Individuals’ are gradually forced through this end process , which basically amounts to a severe form of torture and soft kill .

“Learned helplessness theory is the view that clinical depression and related mental illnesses may result from such real or perceived absence of control over the outcome of a situation.”

“Holocaust victims who have been subjected to extensive imprisonment react the same way.  In fact, this type of behavior in Nazi concentration camp was given a name; gameln, which is a German word to mean “rotting.””

University Suicides

Most state ‘security’ and ‘intelligence’ organizations practice several forms of sophisticated mind control . In the UK the main protagonists are Mi5 & Mi6 , collectively known as the S.i.S. The situation is confused by the fact that other members of the Five Eyes syndicate of countries are also often given free rein to practice their nefarious techniques in the UK , for example the N.S.A operates freely in the UK .

National security ?

No .

National security in modern terms means a network of subordinates willing to perform the tasks of being eyes and ears on the ground , the controllers lurk in the shadows . There is no coordinated strategy , it is about numbers . It is more about profit , experimentation , perversion and prostitution , it is about maintaining the status quo for the establishment .

Many methods are subtle and aimed at a mass of people , others are targeted and more direct . The younger a person is in terms of age , the more susceptible they will be . State intelligence organizations are active at many UK universities , if not all , ‘recruitment’ in a modern setting does not involve a ‘tap on the shoulder’ , press ganging is a more appropriate term .

Which brings us round to the fact that there would appear to be a mental health crisis at UK universities .

Mental health issues may eventually lead to self harm and even suicide .


The spike in university suicides could be explained by a generally stressful learning regime and the isolation experienced by some students .

It could also be explained by the unwanted side effects of remote neural manipulation .

You will never see the latter discussed in the MSM .

Further reading :

  1. The British Mind Control Agent
  2. Project Soul Catcher – Targeted Individuals
  3. Mind Control Today Is Much More Sophisticated Than The Original Brainwashing Techniques
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