Porton Down Poisonings

Cultocracy note :

The official story into the recent ‘novichok’ poisonings is full of holes , most people can see this .

The trail would appear to lead us to the DSTL facility at Porton down .

Is the ‘Porton Down Poisoner’ trying to tell us something ?

The scientists that inhabit the bowels of deep state research possess what I like to term a ‘Mengele Mind’ .

The UK is dotted with DSTL research facilities , many of them secreted within the boundaries of large defence contractors .


As the daylight starts to fade
Twisting shadows all around
Dead soldiers on parade
The ghosts of Porton Down

Hidden from the public eye, a cause for regret
Wrote the Brigadier-General with the chemistry set
“Can’t be more specific, the matter’s confidential
Links with other incidents are just coincidental”

In jeopardy
Welcome to the lion’s den
We skate on thin ice, dice with death
While young boys drown in seas of poison
We are the plagiarists of breath

We go left, right, left, right, left
They’re left in the right again
We go right, left, right, left, right
We’ve no rights left any more

Military science picking the locks
Of a 20th Century Pandora’s box

Jeopardy by Skyclad

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