Britain’s Brave New World Just Got Braver

Cultocracy note :

The article below is written by former Mi5 operative Annie Machon , it describes yet another ‘counter-terrorism initiative’ being touted by the UK $TA$I . As the article states the policy involves broadening already extensive surveillance powers and recruiting more spies , the spies are not your regular spies who spend most of the time watching each other , in-between splashing the cash on lavish luncheons and romantic encounters with young boys . The new spies will be everywhere , schools , local councils , hospitals , and the social services , basically the entire public sector . It will cost a lot of money , extra expense will come from the rolling trappings of spydom such as fast cars , expense accounts , gadgets galore and comfy deluxe leather office chairs .

Much of the strengthening of the spying apparatus in the UK has emerged since the fabricated ‘War on Terror’ . The reality is that with the fall of the Berlin Wall and relative peace in Northern Ireland the ‘security services’ needed fresh pastures , the establishment and their corporate masters , primarily the old aristocracy , felt the need to justify their own existence . You have to remember that the spying apparatus in the UK is closely aligned to the Crown , which is a corporation sole . The Crown is an international octopus of an organisation with many tentacles , the organization owns a vast array of assets including land (mostly stolen) and business interests . In the eyes of the Crown these must be expanded on and protected , the protection primarily comes from ‘intelligence’ garnered by the surveillance structure in the UK and also Commonwealth countries such as New Zealand and Australia .

So where are the threats to individual and corporate wealth in a modern era ? Jihadis from Afghanistan ? No . The real threats come from grass roots politics which seeks to change the structure of entitlement and wealth creation , initially created by the Crown and it’s coterie of cronies . To this end any social policies which may distribute wealth in a more fair manner are strangled at birth , the full spectrum of UK politics is tightly controlled , I think most of us are aware of the methods . Business interests include the massive UK defence industry , land and property deals and financial trading . The Crown is in an enviable position of potentially being able to use the UK spy industry for insider trading or leaping ahead of a rival in business deals , as an added bonus the spy industry could be used to steal intellectual property , all in the interests of ‘national security’ of course . Islamic terrorists are simply the excuse , an excuse which was largely crested by the disatrous foreign policy in the Middle East , a policy created by the spooks and their paymasters .

The wider implications of an all-pervasive totalitarian state include the loss of personal freedoms and wide scale human rights abuses . The UK security services and the Crown are intertwined , both organizations practise sadistic methods of torture , slavery , human experimentation and domestic terrorism in their quest to maintain their position of dominance . You will never read about the methods in the mainstream media . A futile argument being ‘if we didn’t control the country , then another rival organization would’ .

Annie Machon describes the new policies as creating a ‘techno-Stasi state’ in the UK .

We reached that point many , many moons ago Annie .

As always , the keyword is control .


Britain’s Brave New World Just Got Braver

Britain’s new counter-terrorism initiative builds on Stasi-like methods to create a potentially Orwellian present for British citizens, as former MI-5 officer Annie Machon explains.

By Annie Machon Special to Consortium News
in Brussels

British Home Secretary Sajid Javid unveiled a new counter-terrorism initiative last week that he says targets an ever-metastasizing threat, yet it raises a raft of new questions about people’s rights.

The government is acting on the imperative that something needs to be done. But MI5 – officially known as Britain’s domestic Security Service and the lead organization combating terrorism within the UK – has already, since the start of the “war on terror,” doubled in size and has been promised yet more staff over the next two years.

Yet despite these boosted resources for MI5, as well as increased funding and surveillance powers for the entire UK intelligence community, virtually every terror attack carried out in the UK over the last few years has been committed by someone already known to the authorities. Indeed, the Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi, had been aggressively investigated but MI5 ignored vital intelligence and closed down the active investigation shortly before he carried out the attack.

This failure to target known threats is not just a UK problem. Attacks across Europe over the last few years have repeatedly been carried out by people already on the local security radar.

New approaches are needed. But this latest offering appears to be a medley of already failed initiatives and more worryingly, a potentially dangerous blueprint for a techno-Stasi state.

The main points of the new Home Office plan include: making MI5 share intelligence on 20,000 “subjects of concern” with a wide range of organizations, including local councils, corporations, local police, social workers, and teachers; calling on internet companies to detect and eradicate extremist or suspicious content; making online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay report suspicious purchases; increasing surveillance of infrastructure and big events; and passing even tougher anti-terrorism laws.

It sounds reasonable until you realize how similar initiatives have failed and how the new plan can make wholesale abuse of surveillance powers more likely.

Intelligence is Not Evidence

The most chilling part of the MI5 plan is sharing intelligence on 20,000 “subjects of concern.” First of all, this is intelligence– by nature gathered from a range of secret sources that MI5 would normally wish to protect. When communicating with counter-terrorism police, intelligence agencies will normally hide the source, but that requires an immense amount of work for 20,000 cases before the information can be shared. Secondly, intelligence is not evidence. Effectively MI5 will be very widely circulating partially assessed suspicions, perhaps even rumors, about individuals who cannot be charged with a crime just based on the intelligence, but who will nonetheless fall under a deep shadow of suspicion within their communities.

Also if this intelligence is spread as widely as is currently being suggested, it will land in the laps of thousands of public bodies – for instance, schools, councils, social care organizations and local police. Multiple problems could arise from this. There will no doubt be leaks and gossip within communities  that so-and-so is being watched by MI5 and so on.

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