4000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire to be fixed by DRONES

An ambitious bunch of scientists have suggested that in the future the potholes in Britain’s roads could be fixed by an army of drones . One set of drones could identify the faults whilst another set of drones could fix the holes with an ‘attatched 3D printer’ . This idea was first put forward several years ago . It is the job of the local council to fix any potholes in their area , the local council also has to pay in the event of ‘damage by pothole’ to a car , a double whammy , for the taxpayer that is .

It would take an army of drones , a very big army , to fix all of the potholes . The reality is that there are simply too many roads in the UK and too much traffic . An extremely short sighted policy of rail network closures in the 1960’s led to a glut of cars on the roads , with the added bonus of extra road and fuel taxes for the government , taxes which were no doubt sqaundered . Then there was privatisation of the rail network , as usual public assets were sold off to a wealthy group of investors and individuals , always at the expense of then public who actually paid for the rail network in the first place .

It now appears that there are calls for the rail network to be brought back into the public sector , at least partially .

Either way , the taxpayer always loses , a select few get rich .

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