UK Sells Arms to I$I$


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More evidence , if it is really needed , that I$I$ style terror proxies are sponsored by corrupt Western governments , including the UK . I$I$ can now be considered as an umbrella term for Western backed Jihadi’s .  Only a fool could not fail to realize that the AK47 bullets in a Saudi arms shipment were to be diverted to the vast array of terrorist proxy outfits currently operating in the Middle East . Saudi Arabian armed forces do not use AK47’s . No doubt a portion of the weaponry smuggled to the terror groups will also make it back to the streets of Europe to be used in domestic ‘terror attacks’ , how convenient .

Meanwhile the slaughter in the Middle East continues .

UK Missed Chance to Stop Suspect Bosnian Bullet Deal

The UK failed to tell Bosnia of its suspicions about a consignment of bullets bound for Saudi Arabia, which has a habit of diverting arms to proxies in Syria and Yemen.

Semir Mujkic, Lawrence Marzouk and Ivan Angelovski BIRN

The UK suspected that almost 30 million Bosnian-made bullets sold to Saudi Arabia would end up in the wrong hands, but failed to warn Sarajevo before the shipment had flown, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network can reveal.

The deal was brought to the UK’s attention because two British-based brokers had requested – and were eventually refused – licences to mediate the Bosnia-Saudi deal.

Though Bosnian officials said it had no record of a broker being involved in the export, a BIRN investigation has established the shipment that left Bosnia in two parts in November 2015 and January 2016 with the approval of Sarajevo matched the deal for which the UK refused brokering licences in terms of timing, quantity, origin, destination and type of ammunition.

The UK refusal came in March 2016 after around 14 months of deliberation, when it was already too late to halt the shipment. Such applications are usually decided within 20 working days.

The refusal cited the “unacceptable risk” the bullets would be diverted, adding that the Saudi government, the specified ‘end user’, was not in fact “the intended recipient”, according to information obtained by BIRN under a Freedom of Information request submitted to the Department for International Trade.

Experts in the international arms trade say the UK likely suspected the bullets would end up in the hands of Saudi proxies in Syria or Yemen; even more worrying are the concerns raised by some watchdogs, including Amnesty International, about the leaky nature of US and Saudi arms pipelines into Syria, meaning some military hardware has found its way to extremists including ISIS.

BIRN has reported extensively on the billion-euro arms trade that has developed between Balkan countries and Saudi Arabia, which systematically diverts the weapons to allied militias in Syria and Yemen.

Despite these concerns, and calls by the European Parliament to place an arms embargo on the Gulf kingdom, licences to Saudi Arabia are rarely rejected, making the UK’s decision all the more significant.

“Massive red flag”

The UK’s Department for International Trade said this was the first case involving Saudi Arabia that London had refused, having previously approved brokering licences for the export of similar ammunition from Bosnia to Saudi Arabia worth 10 million euros in 2013 and 2014.

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