US Evacuates Citizens From China after Directed Energy Weapon Attacks

The directed energy weapon attacks on ‘US diplomats’ in China has now escalated , initial reports suggested only one US employee had been targeted , this was blatantly untrue . What are they hiding ?

U.S. Evacuates Multiple Employees From Chinese Consulate Over Mysterious Illness

“The U.S. State Department has sent “a number of individuals” from the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, China, back to the U.S. after screenings showed they may have been affected by mysterious health problems similar to what diplomats experienced in Cuba.”

“The symptoms, which first appeared in late 2016 in Havana, include “dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, fatigue, cognitive issues, visual problems, ear complaints and hearing loss, and difficulty sleeping.”

“The government says it still doesn’t know the cause.”

“After nearly a year of investigation that has drawn on intelligence, defense and technology expertise from across the U.S. government, the FBI has been unable to determine who might have attacked the diplomats or how.”

‘Sonic attack’ fears as more US diplomats fall ill in China

“When the US issued a health alert in May to US citizens in China to report any “unusual acute auditory or sensory phenomena”, it said it was not aware of other similar cases within or outside the US diplomatic community in China.”

“That has been disputed by Mark Lenzi, a security engineering officer at the consulate in Guangzhou, who, according to the New York Times, was among the personnel evacuated on Wednesday.”

“Lenzi, who lived in the same complex as the consulate worker who suffered brain trauma, said he had been hearing sounds like “marbles bouncing and hitting a floor” since April last year. That was followed by excruciating headaches and sleeplessness, symptoms his family also experienced.”

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