Study Links Triclosan to Colonic Inflammation , Cancer


A new study has revealed that the antibacterial agent triclosan can have an adverse effect on gut bacteria , potentially leading to colonic irritation and colonic cancer . The use of triclosan has been withdrawn in the EU , although it is still in used widely in consumer products in other countries .

Triclosan is also classed as an endocrine disruptor , it can react with chlorine in the water supply to form a variety of toxic dioxins . Triclosan was first used in hospitals and medical centres and is thought to have played a role in the development of bacterial antibiotic resistance .

Yet another case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted . Pharmaceutical companies will put dogshit in their products if it makes them a profit . You can safely assume that there are other chemicals in household products that are wreaking havoc with your health and are a cumulative danger to the environment .

I switched to herbal toothpaste a while ago , I suggest you do the same . Always check the labels of any product you buy , as a general rule go for more natural products not stuffed with synthetic chemicals .

You’ll be helping yourself and the environment .

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