World Cup 2018 , Gary Lineker is a Russian Bot


Gary Lineker was a former professional football player , according to Wikipedia he holds the record for goals scored for the England team in the World Cup finals . He is now better known as the promotional face for a large snack manufacturer .

Lineker recently rubbed the establishment up the wrong way by stating the truth :

Predictably he was then labelled as a Putin appeaser and a ‘useful idiot’ :

There should be no doubt that there is a grand scheme at play which involves the demonization of everything Russian , the epicentre of the plot appears to be the UK . Is it simply the well-worn dialectic method of creating a disposable enemy to further a particular cause , too obvious I think , the current Russian administration would also gain from the dialectic . Other powers could be at play , or it could be an entrenched Cold War mentality , the only game that the deep state knows how to play .

Another answer springs to mind as to the reason for the Russia-phobia .

Maybe nobody knows the reason .

 Cultocracy note :

The anti Russian propaganda machine has just been cranked up a level or two , very timely considering that the 2018 Football World Cup competition is just a few days away .

Politics always extends to sport in a modern age , as always the powers that be will try to leverage the competition for political crumbs , such is the life they lead and the games they play .

England would not even be playing if certain figures had their way .

What lengths will the establishment go to see England potentially lift the world Cup ?

An unlikely outcome you say ? Maybe , maybe not .

Not that these people are interested in sport , unless it involves slaughtering defenceless wild animals (and humans) . The experiment is everything , a tweak here and a nudge there can reap surprising and sometimes unexpected results .

A terror attack is doubtful . Will we see a doping scandal ? Maybe certain key players will be struck down by a mystery ailment ?

A paranoid establishment press reported that Putin’s proxies were personally involved in previous encounters .

You could not make up the headlines if you tried .

Although if you are in the business of selling newspapers , you probably could .

Perhaps we will see more subtle and more silent attempts to influence the outcome of the competition , barely perceptible and yet efficiently effective . 

Perhaps the algorithm will decide ?

The question is , who’s algorithm will win ?

Talking about algorithms , England are currently 16/1 to lift the cup , Russia are 40/1 .

If you fancy an outside bet Saudi Arabia are 1000/1 , Iran are 500/1 , and South Korea are 750/1 .

I think we may see some very interesting results .

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