Blackjack , DARPA , 5G

Cultocracy note :

The battle for space continues , expect more electromagnetic smog and the associated deformation & destruction of life on Earth .

Sources suggest that Russia and China are now collaborating on satellite systems , the partnership is intended as a counterweight to the current dominance of space by the US military and it’s partners in the Five Eyes syndicate .

The response by military leaders in the US is to leverage commercial satellite communications companies and use these as a vehicle to expand and consolidate their position . This has been on the cards for a while .

The proposals allow the cloaking of military satellites in a non military wrapper , at present the mass of military satellites are easily identifiable and as such are considered to be vulnerable . The Blackjack programme will shoehorn military payloads onto commercial satellites , making it harder to distinguish between a military or commercial communications platform . As a bonus it would also allow a degree of control over the communications network , that is assuming that the companies involved are not already a part of the military corporate complex .

There is evidence to suggest there have already been ‘scuffles in space‘ between the competing powers .

There is no doubt that the developments are related to the proposed 5G ‘communications’ networks .

Are the 5G networks a ruse to fill space with more tin cans that have a far more sinister and nefarious purpose than what is publicized , very similar to the role previously played by NASA .

Or are the 5G networks an active part of the overall plan ?

Probably both of the above .

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