IARPA MICrONS Project – Hybrid AI


The video below is from the 2018 Artificial Intelligence Conference held in New York .

In the video Harvard and MIT professor George Church discusses the IARPA MICrONS (Machine Intelligence from Cortical Networks) Project . The project aims to reverse engineer the natural algorithms in the human brain and then apply these to AI systems . Artificial neural networks (ANN) are generally considered to be limited by only having the ability to learn from mathematical algorithms , these are considered clumsy , linear and perhaps a little erratic . Adding a human dimension will allow an AI system to learn in a more creative manner , in much the same way a human learns , except at considerably accelerated rate .

The MICrONS Project is part of the broader US based BRAIN Initiative .

The US BRAIN initiative was largely a failure , possibly due to ethical constraints .

Also worth noting that in the video George Church mentions ethics , stating that it is hard enough to teach his students ethics , never mind a machine . I wonder which ‘students’ he is referring to ?

Hmmm ? Who could we turn to who would help us to overcome those pesky ethical constraints ?

Ethics is not in the vocabulary of organizations like IARPA .

IARPA is considered to be the satanic spawn of the NSA & the CIA .

IARPA (Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity) is the intelligence agencies version of DARPA .

Cultocracy note :

Send’s a shiver down my spine just thinking about what they might be up to , if the truth was revealed it would make Mengele look like Mary Poppins .

The Wikipedia entry for IARPA states :

IARPA characterizes its mission as follows: “To envision and lead high-risk, high-payoff research that delivers innovative technology for future overwhelming intelligence advantage.”

IARPA funds academic and industry research across a broad range of technical areas, including mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, neuroscience, linguistics, political science, and cognitive psychology. Most IARPA research is unclassified and openly published. IARPA transfers successful research results and technologies to other government agencies. Notable IARPA investments include quantum computing, superconducting computing, machine learning, and forecasting tournaments.

Cultocracy Wikipedia Translation Service (TM) :

“high-risk, high-payoff” = Human experimentation

“Most IARPA research is unclassified and openly published” = Totally classified and never published

“Forecasting tournaments” = Predicting the outcome of wars

Further links related to IARPA MICrONS :

“By modeling the brain’s computations and extracting their key features, we think we can give computers the ability to do much better.”

“Technologies in both physics and molecular biology have advanced so much that we can now record from many hundreds of neurons at a time, with even more extensive recordings on the horizon,” he said. “This lets us analyze neural circuits in ways that we couldn’t dream of just a few years ago.”

The researchers will focus on a part of the cortex that processes vision, a sensory system that neuroscientists have explored intensively and that computer scientists have long striven to emulate. “Vision seems easy — just open your eyes — but it’s hard to teach computers to do the same thing,”

“Feedback connections are an incredibly important part of cortical networks,”

Neuroscientists don’t yet precisely understand what these feedback loops are doing, though they know they are important for our ability to direct our attention.

“What is lacking in a machine right now is imagination and introspection. I believe the feedback circuitry allows us to imagine and introspect at many different levels,”

The researchers will introduce a modified fluorescent protein, which is sensitive to calcium, into the rodents. When a neuron fires, calcium ions rush into the cell, causing the protein to glow brighter—so using a laser scanning microscope, the researchers will be able to watch the neurons as they’re firing. “That’s a little bit like wire tapping the brain,” Cox says. “The way you might listen in on a phone call to see what’s going on, we can listen in on important internal aspects of the brain while the animal is alive and doing something.”

Partnered with George Church, a geneticist at Harvard Medical School, they plan to use DNA barcoding: they will label every neuron with a unique sequence of nucleotides (barcode) and chemically connect barcodes across synapses to reconstruct circuits.

The scientists next have to find a way to make all this information useful for algorithms in machine learning. They have some ideas about how to do this. For one, many researchers believe the brain is Bayesian—that neurons represent sensory information in the form of probability distributions, calculating the most likely interpretation of an event based on previous experience. This hypothesis is based primarily on the idea of feedback loops in the brain—that information does not only flow forward, but that there are even more connections flowing back.

Cultocracy note :

According to the ‘published research’ it would seem that the research is centered around the inner workings of a mouse brain .

That would be fine if you only wanted to create an AI system to control a mouse that could scurry around and sniff out cheese .


I think we can safely assume that the BRAIN initiative was devised in the bowels of the deep state , the whole programme is closely related to gene mapping projects .

To create ANN’s that could simulate the learning process of the human brain you will require human test subjects , not mice . Although any research conducted on the unfortunate lab rats could easily be applied to human subjects , I am sure the scientists involved in the project know this . Would you rather follow the path of Einstein , or Josef Mengele ?

The links between the intelligence agencies and academia are all pervasive , the bottomless pit of taxpayer funding is the carrot .

The stick is a life in purgatory , or worse .

The deep state agencies are above the law , both legal and moral .

Volunteers need not apply .

As always the keyword is control .

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The previous patient, he was blind
He realized right at that time
You create your reality, the world is mind

First thing we must do is make up our – MIND
Then we must go and really clear our – MIND
Erase the doubt and the fear from our – MIND
Share our – MIND, speak our – MIND


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