Solar Powered Trashpresso Turns Plastic Waste into Tiles

Cultocracy note :

Arthur Huang and his company Miniwiz have developed a machine that can recycle plastics and create tiles that can be used in construction and for furniture , the system works using solar power .

I think the man deserves a medal or three . In modern times it seems that most technological developments are used to destroy the planet , wage war and consolidate the wealth and standing of the multitude of corrupt global power structures . It would seem that the poioning of the planet is part of their Résumé .

Individuals can lead where governments have (continuously) failed , it simply takes a bit of imagination .




The TRASHPRESSO machines are housed on a 40-foot container platform that is movable anywhere by trailer truck. It is powered by a solar-charged energy storage unit housed on a separate 20-foot container platform.

The TRASHPRESSO compacts the recycling process into five simple steps: Shredding, washing, air drying, dehumidifying, and baking. In addition, an air and water filter minimizes the environmental impact of the operations.

From trash to tiles

The TRASHPRESSO can upcycle up to 50KG of waste per hour. Waste is converted into architectural tiles that have both a utilitarian and raw material value.

The tiles are very versatile and resistant, allowing for a wide variety of applications. They can be used decoratively as interior or exterior decoration finishes or serve as flooring.

When waste are compressed into the tile format, recyclable material is less bulky and therefore less costly to transport, facilitating transport to an industrial facility. At a recycling plant, the tiles can be once up-cycled through cycles such as yarning, injection, or extrusion.

The TRASHPRESSO can upcycle any thermoplastic that has a melting point lower than its burning point.

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