Artificial Intelligence Summoning Demons , The Great Deception

Cultocracy note :

In this article from Investment Watch Blog the author quotes Elon Musk who talks about artificial intelligence (AI) . Musk has been going through a relatively hard time recently , or at least his business interests have , assuming that his business interests are his own .

To give Musk a degree of credit he has always talked about the dangers of AI , but at the same time he wants us to merge with AI , conflicting viewpoints have never been so obvious .

AI has being sold as the next great technological frontier , it promises to make fortunes for the few , no doubt at the expense of the many .

Or perhaps the carrot being dangled in front of greedy corporate investors masks a more determined and focused agenda ?

We are in the trial period at present .

The abridged quote from Musk :

“AI [artificial intelligence] is just like that. So when this thing that I’m talking about happens . . . one thing I can tell you is they’re not going to be like us.

Alien means, you know, different. These things that we’re building are not going to be people. They might be really smart, they might be really good at all sorts of things, but they’re not gonna be like us. They’re gonna be aliens, and they’re gonna be — I’m sorry to say — way smarter than every single person in this room, in ways that we can’t even be comprehend.

So this, of course, triggers a lot of alarm. One of the guys who talks about this is Elon [Musk], who says things like this — ‘When you do this, beware. Because you think . . . that when you do this, you’re gonna put that . . . little guy in a pentagram, and you’re gonna have your holy water out, and you’re gonna wave it at the thing and, by God, it’s gonna do exactly what you say and not one thing more. But it never works out that way.’


So this is an attitude that some are having — this emerging alarmism about the way this [artificial intelligence] is gonna go. But these words, ‘demons,’ doesn’t capture the essence of what’s happening here. I don’t know if any of you are turn-of-the-century weird fiction fans, but there’s a guy named H. P. Lovecraft, who’s a very famous American weird fiction author, and he exposed a view which is called cosmicism.

The essence of cosmicism is cosmic indifference. So what he was saying is basically ‘Yes, there are these massively intelligent entities out there, but they’re not good, they’re not evil, they just don’t give a shit about you, even in the slightest. The same way that you don’t care about an ant, is the same way they’re not gonna care about you.’

And these things that we’re summoning into the world now are not demons, they’re not evil, but they’re more like the Lovecraftian ‘Great Old Ones’. There are entities that are not necessarily going to be aligned with what we want. So this transition [to a world full of powerful intelligent robots] is really really massively important for our entire species to navigate and, going back to that thing that Sam Harris was saying, nobody is paying attention. This thing is happening in the background, while people bicker about politics and what’s gonna be in the health care plan in the U.S., while underneath it all is this rising tsunami that, if we’re not careful, is going to wipe us all out.“

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