Abdel Hakim Belhaj , Mi6 , Jack Straw , Manchester Arena Bombings

It appears that another ‘conspiracy theory’ has officially become conspiracy fact . The treacherous and duplicitous games played by ‘public servants’ in the UK , at the behest of their corporate controllers , are revealed once again .

Abdel Belhaj and his Libyan opposition group the LIFG were courted by UK ‘intelligence’ in a plot to overthrow Libya’s Gaddafi . Gadaffi routed the LIFG from Libya , they were then spread to the four corners of the Earth , Afghanistan and the UK to be more precise . In the Blair years and during the ‘War on Terror’ Belhaj became the enemy , he was used as a sacrificial offering as sections of the UK establishment attempted to woo Gaddafi , win oil contracts and line their own pockets .

Mark allen was the spook who took the credit for the rendition of Belhaj , like many other corporate agents he was later knighted and handed a lucrative seat on the board of a corporate entity .

Mark Allen was also the spook who was linked to documentation found in the offices of Moussa Koussa , Gadaffis former spy chief . The documentation referred to the rendition and delivery of ‘packages’ , i.e. Belhaj et al . It should go without saying that once the packages were delivered to Gadaffi they would be tortured and murdered . Tying up loose ends no doubt .

Jack Straw was the Foreign Secretary during the ‘War on Terror’ .

In 2005 Straw addressed MP’s in the UK :

“Unless we all start to believe in conspiracy theories and that the officials are lying, that I am lying, that behind this there is some kind of secret state which is in league with some dark forces in the United States … there simply is no truth in the claims that the United Kingdom has been involved in rendition.”

Politicians and spooks lying ? dark forces ? secret state ? rendition & torture ?

Obviously conspiracy theories .

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