Wi-Fi , Fourier Transforms & Beam Forming

A recent article at ars Technica , descibes how Wi-Fi signals can be used to perform calculations , similar to the calculations performed in a computer processor .

The research is being conducted under the auspices of ‘thermal cooling of computer equipment’ .

As can be seen from the image below there is a more practical use for the technology .


The system described in the article uses the Fourier Transform to decompose the Wi-Fi signals , in the experiment four Wi-Fi antennas were used . Perform a scan in your home using your own smartphone or computer equipped Wi-Fi device , how many Wi-Fi transmitters do you pick up ?

In laymans terms a Fourier Transform decodes the component frequencies of any given signal and cancels out signal noise . The signal can be any electromagnetic wave , sound wave or similar .

The system also makes use of beam forming .


Beam forming and the Fourier Transform of a signal are the essential components of RADAR systems .

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2 Responses to Wi-Fi , Fourier Transforms & Beam Forming

  1. truth1 says:

    OK, this is out in left field and I am wearing tinfoil on my head. While the high tech surveillance is impressive and intimidating, I suspect that intimidation is largely the goal. I believe their ability is an overkill. A big overkill. The main reason, says I, is that Satan does not want anyone to suspect his continual never-ending surveillance, even as far as the mind and what goes on in it. He wants us to think we only have humans and police, and tax collectors to worry about. But if Satan finds something that is a well kept secret, he needs an excuse to say it was surveillance that caught up with them. Satan does not want anyone to believe in him and his existence, except for his followers, who all deny his existence as well. So they messing with our heads with this very fine net web of detection. But again, that ability is a total over-kill, otherwise. They could have killed us all years ago. but this is no ordinary situation. Its not just about death. Its about who is who. Who is salvageable from the view point of God, and who is not. Well, that’s my theory.


    • cultocracy says:

      Like you said truth1 , intimidation and the instillation of fear is the goal , it is largeley a grand illusion , a house of cards . One that will come crashing down over their heads .


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