White Vans & Waffles


Just when I was thinking all was quiet on the Western front , a little too quiet .

White Vans

The van driver was named as Alek Minassian , apparently of Armenian extraction .

Probably not related but the 1915 Armenian genocide began on April 24th .

Also probably not related , the G7 events are being held in La Malbaie , Quebec City , this year . The summit of the events is the meeting of the heads of nations which takes place in June this year .

April 22nd – 24th is dedicated to a minesterial conference that hopes to ‘Build a more peaceful and secure world‘ . You can now safely guarantee that it will be a more secure world , in Quebec at least , when then G7 leaders meet .

It is possibly too early to speculate on the timing and motives of the ‘white van attack’ , it does follow a previous pattern of similar vehicle attacks though .

Also worth noting that the suspect goaded police officers to ‘shoot me’ when apprehended , dead men tell no tales .


Far more interesting is the US “waffle house shooting” .

The suspect is Travis Reinking from Morton, Illinois .

According to MSM reports Reinking had a history of apparently strange behavioral episodes , a lot of them . Many are classic symptoms of neural programming and modification , aka MK Ultra or Project Orion , also classically termed Monarch programming .

  • Travis Reinking was arrested outside the White House after crossing a security barrier, conveniently declaring himself a “sovereign citizen” who wanted to speak with President Trump
  • Sovereign citizens are conveniently deemed ‘subversive’ and ‘anti government extremists’ in some quarters .
  • Travis Reinking was investigated by the FBI and monitored by the local police force .
  • Travis Reinking imagined that pop fluff songstress Taylor Swift was stalking him .
  • Travis Reinking told the local police “he heard people barking like dogs outside his home and while shopping at a Walmart” .
  • In an official report , Travis Reinking told the local police “he believed he was being watched” .
  • Travis Reinking told the local police that “they” were tapping his computer and phone but Reinking was unable to explain who the culprits were.”
  • Travis Reinking also told the local police “he believes approximately 20-30 people are hacking into his phone and computer .”
  • Travis Reinking told the local police “people are baiting him into breaking the law.”
  • Travis Reinking went to a local pool “wearing a pink women’s coat , swam in his underwear, exposed his genitals and tried to pick fights with lifeguards.”
  • Travis Reinking was regarded as a ‘loner’ .
  • Travis Reinking spoke about suicide .

A classic mind controlled patsy ; stimulated , simulated , stalked , surveilled , skull sodomized and sacrificed .


Even the most uninformed individual should be able to see a pattern emerging from the incessant myriad of ‘lone nut’ attacks perpetrated across the globe in recent years . The hypothesis is that society needs to be closely monitored and controlled , fear is a major controlling factor in any totalitarian society .

Some commentators cite gun control in the US as the driving issue , this may be true . In any case gun control will be extremely hard to implement and will open up a massive black market in arms sales and possibly create civil unrest , it is not a viable option in the US . Besides which , a ‘lone nut’ could always use a van .

Gun control would allow the persecution of certain sections of the US populace , who are generally more informed abouit the core issues surrounding the ‘lone nut’ attacks .

Personally I see gun control as a classic divide and control dialectic .

Some commentators also offer the theory that many of these ‘lone nut attacks’ are staged and carefully managed , often in an effort to nudge the narrative in a desired direction and send out subtle , subliminal signals . This theory may be true , but then we would be assuming that the controllers and their mercenary crime gangs actually care about the rest of us , which is simply not tue . It would be very easy for the powers that be to control the reporting from any crime scene and stifle the truth .

There should be no doubt that there are individuals and groups of individuals who will stop at nothing in the pursuit of their own private battles to control and shape society in their own particular form , several competing power structures are currently vying for the high ground .

If you are thinking ‘no way would a state organizations do this’ , then I should remind you of the millions of innocents murdered in the fabricated ‘War on Terror’ . A few more dead bodies are meaningless in the grandiose and deluded schemes of the controllers , assuming that there are any dead bodies .

Discounting gun control , other possibilities should be considered .

These could include ‘rogue’ US alphabet agency cliques , pursuing their own hidden agenda(s) .

Cultocracy note :

Aren’t they all rogue ?

Rogue foreign organizations , also pursuing a hidden agenda .

Rogue private organizations , also pursuing a hidden agenda .

Another more disturbing possibility is that one of the artificial intelligence systems often used in neural modification programmes have themself gone ‘rogue’ . If relatively reliable results have been produced in the past , then organizations will learn to trust in the algorithm , it also conveniently awards the controllers plausible deniability .

Sentient World Simulation

The Sentient World Simulation (SWS) is a project overseen by the US Department of Defence (DoD) . In the parallel electronic world , which only exists on servers and supercomputers housed in deep underground military bunkers (DUMB’s) , everything and anything can be modelled .

Simulations of real life events are decoded , deciphered and deconstructed down to zero’s and one’s . It therefore follows that a particular scenario can be simulated on the SWS , perhaps a small scale conflict , perhaps a currency drop , perhaps the behavior of an individual . The required prerequisites needed to secure a particular outcome in the real world , can be calculated and controlled on the SWS , or so they think . The organizations involved liken themselves to the Adjustment Bureau .

Think of the SWS system as comparable to the butterfly effect , where a series of tiny , single and apparently unrelated events can combine and contribute to produce a larger more beneficial effect , beneficial to the controllers that is , not us .

So , for example , a series of ‘lone nut’ shootings can be simulated and modelled , the effect on the populace gauged and measured , producing the desired result at the end of the production line . Using these techniques in conjunction with immersive social media and more traditional media , the system can foment subtle societal changes and drive opinions , ‘WMD’s’ , ‘gas attacks’ and ‘poisonings’ are other recent examples .

Of course the system is still in the experimental stages , there are people who would like to see The Machine in control , there are others who will resist . Another dialectic .

Are the ‘random lone nut’ attacks a blip in the algorithm ? Are they staged experimental studies in behavioral science ? Are they visible signs that mark an upturn in resistance to The Machine ? Are the ‘lone nuts’ assets turned rogue by rival and competing powers ? Are they ‘nudges’ designed to steer the discourse and direction of society ?

Or are they the first signs that HAL is now with us ?

Science fiction ?

Think again .

You can still think for yourself .

Can’t you ?

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