Capita – Another English Patient

Cultocracy note :

Firms such as Capita function as intermediaries in the transfer of public capital into private hands , this is the long game for private investors , this was always the plan , privatisation by the backdoor .

In recent years cash strapped town councils have been busy selling off public assets including public land and buildings , once sold , these assets will never return to public ownership .

When a company like Capita fails , similar private companies fill the gap , the whole cycle begins again .


Capita is a large UK based firm which outsources work from the public sector , primarily local and national government . According to it’s own website Capita is self described as having expertise in the fields of ‘digital transformation’ , ‘behavioral science’ and ‘automation’ and ‘data analytics’ . In 2007 the Capita centre in London was targeted by the UK’s ‘Unabomber lite’ , Miles cooper . Cooper targeted fiirms he perceived were involved in the rise of the UK surveillance society , particularly firms involved in DNA testing . It is now accepted that the original Unabomber , Ted Kaczynski , was an unwitting victim of an MK Ultra style bahavioral modification programme conducted by one of the many US alphabet organizations .

News released yesterday shows that Capita has reported a pre-tax loss £515m for 2017 .

The deficit in Capita’s books follows the collapse of Carillion , a smaller outsourcing company .

Short selling in Capita has increased steadily in 2017 and has now peaked at around 7.5% .


Capita short sell %

The holder of the largest short position in Capita is AQR .

AQR’s website blurb states :

“Investment innovation at the intersection of technology, data and behavioral finance. It’s in our DNA.”

The founder of AQR is Cliff Asness , who is described as a ‘hedge fund genius‘ .


Would you fancy your chances against Cliff Asness in a poker game ?


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