Mi5 Vets the BBC

Cultocracy note :

Certainly explains the preponderance of pederasts and pedophiles at the BBC .

Makes you wonder who vetted Saville et al ?

Also makes you wonder who is vetting the vetters ?

No doubt the vetting still continues to this day .

Like most MSM organizations the BBC has lost all credibility .

The fact that the ‘story’ was reported by the BBC itself suggests a sloppy limited hangout operation by the spooks .

Is there a single person with a shred of credibility left in the whole of the establishment ?

Stupid question .

“For decades the BBC denied that job applicants were subject to political vetting by MI5. But in fact vetting began in the early days of the BBC and continued until the 1990s. Paul Reynolds, the first journalist to see all the BBC’s vetting files, tells the story of the long relationship between the corporation and the Security Service.”

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2 Responses to Mi5 Vets the BBC

  1. truth1 says:

    I have a theory on this. Vetting is required by God that the trial of us all might be fair., down here. Satan said he ought to be allowed to do the vetting himself so that he can still maintain his own narrative and choose who to use to vet and who to make the scape goat of the vetting. And God allowed that much. that means more is to come. And there is no one with a shred of decency in power.


    • cultocracy says:

      Good point truth1 , the ‘men who would be Gods’ have trampled over the natural laws bestowed upon us .
      It is about maintaining the narrative , this also means that decent people who would seek to affect change are sidelined .
      Ergo , we have a situation with no one with a shred of decency in power .


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