Former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp Explains the Shadow Government

Kevin Shipp was with the CIA , so he knows what he is talking about .

A few quotes and key points from the video :

National Reconnaissance Office

“All the satellites that are around the Earth , the spy satellites , the technology of which would blow your mind…..So i’m just not going there .”

“Lets just say that’s another branch of the shadow government , that’s up there circulating around ……and the technology that is up there , all the way down to nano technology is mind blowing .”

“The deep state and the shadow government go all the way back to 1947 .”

“We are in an electronic concentration camp .”

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

The C.F.R and the banking cartel are central to the shadow government

The C.F.R controls the news media

The C.F.R created the C.I.A.

“We have no privacy , privacy is dead .”

“There is an internal cold war in the US between the shadow government and the elected government.”

“The CIA is the central node of the shadow government.”

“There is a system to destroy whistle blowers and their families .”

What can we do ?

“Start a grassroots civil movement .”

“The weapon of tyranny is fear .”

“The shadow government wants you to fear it .”

“When people fear their government there is tyranny”

“When the government fears the people there is liberty”

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