New Centrist Party Spooks Labour


It had to happen eventually , it has been in the planning stage for quite a while , it’s not the usual party that politicians are partial to , which generally involves cocaine and rent boys . Although that is not to say that the new centrist party does not involve cocaine and hookers .

Initially it would appear that the main policy of the new UK centrist party revolves around sabotaging Brexit , or at least forcing a new referendum which would have exactly the same result .

The ‘new’ centrist party currently has no name , it is backed by a group of wealthy entrepreneurs and philanthopists , i.e. the establishment .

Charity begins at home (and abroad) is their chief motto .

Various political figures have been tapped up over the last few years to head a newly formed anti Brexit party , names such as Tony Blair , David Cameron and Vince Cable have been bandied about . All could smell a rat at a thousand paces after living in the Westminster sewer .

Politics in the UK and many other Western ‘democracies’ now centres around tapping the pulse of the public and creating a party with policies based loosely on the general concensus . Supra national entities pull the strings .

The two party system is a manufactured farce , it is now slightly harder for the controllers to predict which way elections will go , this fact is not down to the voters , it is due to competition between rival global interests .

A third party is always needed as an insurance policy , usually calculated to divide and control the vote .

I personally do not think it would make the slightest difference to the general public if Labour or Conservative formed the government , a typical dialectic distraction of a red team – blue team tagmatch , there are higher powers in play .

Although there does seem to be quite a bit of resistance towards a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn , the signs have been apparent for quite a few years .

The next UK general election is not due until about 2022 , so the foundations are being constructed at present . The last election may have been a bit too close for comfort for  some people .

During the last UK election in 2015 , military top brass were non too pleased at the prospect of Corbyn as the leader of a UK government .

More recently Corbyn has threatened to end arms sales to Saudi Arabia , a nice little establishment earner and the backbone of UK ‘foreign policy’ in the Middle East .

This year Corbyn has been under constant attack by sections of the UK mainstream media .

Corbyn has also been accused of ‘anti semitism’ , which usually equates to opposition towards Israeli policy regarding the Palestinian people .

Although many people are able to see through the political chicanery .

Anything or anbody can and will be used by the controllers for meagre political gain . There are so many cut outs in politics these days , all primed and ready , like archers’s taking aim with their bow .

Maybe the above cases are why the algorithm now points to the majority of people feeling jaded by the whole political system , the answer churned out by the algorithm ? A new political party . Predictable to say the least .

Back to the new ‘centrist’ party

The controllers would like to emulate the success of 2017 French (s)election winnner emmanuel Macron(i) .

Macron was elected after the formation of a shiny new centrist political party .

The new UK centrist party seeks to emulate the now largely defuct Lib-Dems , who performed their role admirably in the 2010 UK election .

The founder of the new centrist party is Simon Franks , a millionaire businessman .

Just like Macron , Franks was a former investment banker who served for several years at JP Morgan and BNP Paribas .

Simon Franks business partner was Zygi Kamasa , who like many businessmen has railed against Brexit , no doubt after foreseeing a drop in profits .

But wait , it is not all about profit , Franks has started a charity with his cash and now runs the Franks Family Foundation . This charitable foundation operates as an NGO in several countries , providing health care and education to the poor and needy .

The fact that the new party has been formed before the upcoming UK local elections shows a degree of planning and timing . Could a large tranche of degenerates , liars , perverts and parasites be somehow ‘persuaded’ to jump political ship after losing their seats in the local elections . Others may even be ‘ordered’ to jump ship .

Cultocracy note :

“degenerates , liars , perverts and parasites” = Politicians

There are quite a few who would possibly jump onto any passing bandwagon , especially if it is a shiny new centrist bandwagon , but most politicians are primarily self serving , so the big question they would have to ask themselves is whether the new centrist ship is seaworthy .

It should also be noted that many politicians have the mindset of a lemming , they may be tempted to jump ship , but they do not want to be the first to jump ship .

Some commentators have described how a lemming type scenario might evolve .

Sink or Swim

Nothing happens by chance in politics , whether the new party has an anti Brexit angle or an anti Corbyn angle , or even both , is largely irrelevant .

Will the new party take off ?

If the unlikely event that any new political party is legitimate , the new party will be controlled and then destroyed , if not it will simply be controlled .

I am now thinking of starting a new UK political party myself , one that will abolish all political parties .

As always the keyword is control .

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