UK booted out of Galileo Satellite Programme


UK shocked at being booted out of EU Galileo satellite programme


The ramifications of Brexit are being enacted earlier than expected for the UK, with it being told it is no longer a part of the EU’s Galileo satellite programme.

The UK government has been preparing itself for life outside the EU since the Brexit referendum results came through in 2016, but it did not expect to be cut off so quickly when it comes to its spacefaring activities.

According to The Register, the EU has decided that because the UK will no longer be in the EU as of next year, it will shut off its access to the Galileo satellite programme.

The aim of Galileo is to create a new global positioning network called the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System (EGNOS) to rival that of the US’s GPS network and Russia’s GLONASS.

Read the full article here at Silicon Republic

Cultocracy note :

The Galileo programme is a rival to the US based Global Posiitioning Satellite (GPS) system , the related Copernicus programme provides remote Synthetic Aperture Radar capabilities . Both systems are closely aligned with the defence industry , as an added bonus there are also many commercial applications .

The decision to exclude the UK from the Galileo programme comes hot on the heels of a decision by the EU to relocate the Galileo Satellite Security Monitoring Centre (GSMC) from the UK to Spain .

These decisions are connected with the formation of a new EU defence force .

The current GPS system and related space borne surveillance & weapons systems are controlled by the Five Eyes syndicate .

The Five Eyes syndicate has a technological grip on other countries , this is used to surveil & monitor the political and commercial aspects of these countries .

The N.S.A is in control .

The N.S.A has a large facility based at Menwith Hill , North Yorkshire , England .

If you wander too close to this high security base you will automatically be placed on a watch list .

The EU countries know they have been duped by the Five Eyes syndicate in the past and are regarded more as potential rivals rather than allies .

The EU countries also know that their political leaders have been monitored by the Five Eyes syndicate .

They also know that media outlets in EU countries have also been targeted .

You can safely assume that the Five Eyes syndicate monitors every country in the world in a similar manner .

France & Germany have ‘demanded’ an end to N.S.A surveillance .

To placate EU leaders the Five Eyes syndicate offered them membership of the super snoopers club .

Merkel fancied the idea initially .

After negotiations she wisely decided that ‘membership’ would be a sham deal .

It would now appear that there is ‘bad blood’ between the German establishment and the Five Eyes syndicate .

Wait though , a glimmer of hope in the form of uber election winner and ‘centrist’ , French PM Macron(i) .


After the quagmire of systemic genocide and racketeering known as ‘The War on Terror’ , EU leaders have been reviewing their global partnerships with increasing scrutiny . There is a notion that perhaps the EU countries are also in danger of submitting to the global tyranny expounded by syndicate controllers , at the expense of their own sovereignty . There is also increasing awareness that the global crime syndicate has a supreme advantage in that they control sophisticated tools of surveillance , subversion and subjugation .

Purgatory awaits those who resist or do not comply .

The response from EU leaders is to create their own system , with partners they can trust , hopefully .

Therefore the UK establishment had a stark choice , go along with EU plans for a separate defence force which would slowly drift away from the controlling cabal , allowing the EU to formulate it’s own foreign policy . Or be dragged along like a timid poodle on a leash .

Unfortunately the UK cannot go anywhere , it is joined at the hip to global corporate expansionism , warmongering and profiteering .

An outdated mind set which worked against less savvy ex-colonial countries , it simply does not work anymore , they just do not get it .

Time will tell as to which system will prevail .

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