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AI can Read Emotions

Ohio State University


“The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this week, demonstrates a never-before-documented connection between the central nervous system and emotional expression in the face. It also enabled researchers to construct computer algorithms that correctly recognize human emotion via face color up to 90 percent of the time.”

How To Read Someone’s Emotions With 90% Accuracy

“Brain scans can read human emotions with 90% accuracy, a new study finds.

Researchers have been able to predict the intensity of negative emotions to evocative images.”

Pentagon’s Arms-Research Chief Eyes Space-Based Directed Energy Weapons

Activist Post


The Pentagon’s arms-research chief, Michael Griffin, is eying advancement in space-based directed energy weapons, Defense One reported.

“Directed energy is more than just big lasers,” Griffin said. “That’s important. High-powered microwave approaches can affect an electronics kill. The same with the neutral particle beam systems we explored briefly in the 1990s” for use in space-based anti-missile systems. Such weapons can be “useful in a variety of environments” and have the “advantage of being non-attributable,” meaning that it can be hard to pin an attack with a particle weapon on any particular culprit since it leaves no evidence behind of who or even what did the damage.

The future of AI: How fast it’s growing and the possibility of sci-fi movie scenes coming to pass



Technocrats like Eric Schmidt, the former executive chairman of Google parent company Alphabet, are brimming with glee over the continued advancements being made in the field of artificial intelligence, or AI. But how will these changes affect the social landscape, and what types of threats does this technology pose to humans?

Not many at the current time, insists Schmidt, who recently told the media that worries about AI robots turning into killer machines like something out of the Terminator movies shouldn’t be a problem for at least the next 10 to 20 years.

In the meantime, he says, humans can rest easy about the global race towards transhumanism because the technology has the potential to advance “health care” and “energy,” which outweighs any concerns about AI robots taking over the planet and subjecting humans as their slaves. We can deal with that when the time comes, he basically stated.

WikiLeaks Reveal Victims of ‘Directed Energy and Neurological Weapons’



A recent investigation into WikiLeaks unearthed some highly disturbing testimonies from 100 alleged victims of futuristic mind control technology.

In 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files – a series of emails from the Texas-based “global intelligence” publishing company Stratfor. This disclosure was comprised of over five million emails that reveal the inner workings of a company that was fronting as a publisher while providing confidential intelligence services to large corporations and government agencies. Clients of Stratfor included Lockheed Martin, Dow Chemical, the Marines and the US Defense Intelligence Agency.

The War for our Minds

Down to Earth Thinking


We are continuously bombarded with all manner of control mechanisms that are created for us as illusions, false paradigms and false narratives. It is the same process as the methods used by Goebbels to propagandize the Germans in the 1930s and even into the 40s. There is no question if false information is repeated many times, some people will believe it as a fact, even if it is completely false and easily verifiable as false. In our current scenario here in USA, the left has created the same thing and it is very powerful indeed, what I call PRAVDA/MSM.


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