My Lai Massacre and The Phoenix Program


The My Lai Massacre happened on 16th March 1968 during the Vietnam War . The year 2018 marks 50 years since the massacre and many mainstream media outlets have covered the anniversary with poignant articles describing the horrors . Not many articles have linked the massacre to the Phoenix Program instigated by the C.I.A.

The Phoenix Program was a covert operation of terrorism , murder ,  assassination and rape , designed to undermine the North Vietnamese Army and particularly the Viet Cong . The program was indiscriminate , as are most terrorist operations , it targeted civilians including women , the elderly and children .

As an extension of other parallel programs of behavioral modification , many US soldiers in the Vietnam War were administered experimental substances , designed to increase their aggression , moral behavior and perception .

One particular substance stands out , the chemical agent called 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate , or BZ for short .

According to the Wikipedia page :

“The agent commonly became known as “Buzz” because of this abbreviation and the effects it had on the mental state of the human volunteers intoxicated with it in research studies at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland.”

To quote from an official military document :

“NATO Code: BZ
Signs and Symptoms :
Mydriasis; dry mouth; dry skin; increased deep tendon reflexes; decreased level of consciousness; confusion; disorientation; disturbances in perception and interpretation (illusions and/or hallucinations); denial of illness; short attention span; impaired memory.”

“The patient is often disoriented to time and place. Disturbances in judgment and insight occur. The patient may abandon socially imposed restraints and resort to vulgar and inappropriate behavior. Perceptual clues may no longer be readily interpretable. The patient is easily distracted and may have memory loss, most notably short-term memory. In the face of these deficits, patients try to make sense of their environment and will not hesitate to make up answers on the spot to questions that confuse them. Speech becomes slurred and often senseless, and loss of inflection produces a flat, monotonous voice. References become concrete and semiautomatic, with colloquialisms, clichés, profanity, and perseveration.”

“BZ produces effects not just in individuals, but also in groups, with shared illusions and hallucinations ( folie à deux , folie en famille , and “mass hysteria”) .”

Sounds just like the behavior of the US soldiers involved in the massacre .

Also sounds like the behavior of many other modern terror organizations currently operating in the Middle East and beyond .

The reality is that soldiers are seen as expendable by the controlling powers , war provides the ideal opportunity to trial and hone experimental substances and behavioral modification methodology and technology . A further opportunity for the continuation of experimentation is provided when the unwitting troops return home .

Gulf War syndrome ?


Or human experimentation ?

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