Playland – Establishment Sodomites , Rapists & Sadists

Cultocracy note :

Events described in the book Playland by author Tony Daly represent normal working practice by establishment employees . Tony Daly was aged 20 when he was drugged with hypnotic sedatives , raped and mind controlled by establishment filth . It is likely that the whole process was part of a sadistic and disgusting method termed Monarch mind control , practiced on a massive scale in the UK . After the initial ordeal Tony was pimped out to high ranking political figures and others as part of a large scale blackmailing operation .


As always , the keyword is control .

‘I was raped and pimped out to VIP sex parties at 20 and kept my dark secret for 38 years’

In harrowing book Playland, author Tony Daly reveals how he was plucked from an amusement arcade as a young man in the Seventies and thrust into a terrifying nightmare

Alison Philips –

“Four years earlier I’d been in Derry on Bloody Sunday. A friend of mine was killed that day by British troops. In the six months which followed, 256 people died. The bombs got bigger and deafeningly louder. I wanted to escape it all. That’s why I had ended up in London.”

After losing all the money he had on him that Saturday afternoon in London, Tony wandered down Oxford Street into the Playland amusement arcade. Just as he was leaving, he was approached by a man who introduced himself as Keith.

Tony explained he’d lost his money and Keith offered to buy him a drink in a nearby pub. Shortly afterwards, they were joined by another man.

“They asked where I was from and were incredibly friendly,” recalls Tony. “I remember thinking, ‘This doesn’t feel quite right’ but then I thought, ‘But this is London, maybe this is what happens in London’.”

The men said they were going for a meal and invited Tony along.

“I truly thought they were just being friendly. Remember, I didn’t know anyone in London and I was keen to meet people.

“When they asked me to go back to their flat, it did seem odd but I was a bit tipsy and didn’t want to appear rude so I went along.”

By the time they arrived at the flat Tony was feeling decidedly unwell. He says: “I was overcome with a wave of nausea. I said, ‘I’m sorry, I really need to be getting home’.”

But when he got up to leave, the evening took a different turn. Suddenly, Tony was being forced into a bedroom, where he was slapped around the face, flung on to a bed and violently raped .

Tony was raped twice. The following morning one of the men gave him £30 and told him there were “very important men” he should meet.

Then his rapist revealed he had taken photos of Tony in the night and threatened to send them to Tony’s family if he told anyone what had happened.

Tony was being touted as prey for a group of high-profile men and had no idea how to respond.

It was the beginning of a three-month ordeal where he was groomed by a pimp who regularly had sex with him as well as selling him to a string of important members of London society.

He was taken to parties attended by well-known MPs, captains of industry and the super-wealthy where he was forced to have sex and perform sex acts.

To dull the pain of what was going on he began drinking heavily. He was introduced to cocaine. He rarely ate and his health collapsed. Yet he also developed a strange fondness for his pimp.

“At least he showed some kindness to me,” recalls Tony. “But I was totally brainwashed by then. He groomed me so effectively and to such an extent that I was totally dependent on him.”

He says: “If he hadn’t told me to go I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I was totally in his control by that point. But he freed me and for that I was grateful.”

Tony returned home a skinny wreck but never told a soul about what had happened in those months in London.

The mental scars never left him though and he was terrified that one day his abusers would come to reclaim him.

A few months later he was reminded how far their tentacles could reach…

He says: “Our house was raided by the army. Afterwards, the officer in charge called me over and said, ‘This is a calling card from your friends in London’.

“I knew they were trying to intimidate me. I’d been used by MPs and very important people – they needed to be sure I’d be too scared to tell my story.”

Later, Tony married, had children and the events of 1976 faded. Then, in 2014, stories emerged about VIP paedophiles – abusers in the highest echelons of politics and power.

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Read an extract from Playland at the link below :

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2 Responses to Playland – Establishment Sodomites , Rapists & Sadists

  1. truth1 says:

    This story is too familiar. I’ve read many of these sorts of accounts and much worse. I have been watching a channel in the USA called MeTV, which broadcasts old TV shows. They started with 1959 are are now around 62/63 and I saw lots of 64-77 a year or so back. Sci-fy type stuff. Some Horror of the Day. the Twilight Zone. Out Limits, movies, Lost in Space, Batman, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, etc.

    But what I noticed was that many episodes of many of the Sci-fy stuff dealt with brain washing, hypnosis and drugs. Now back then I suspect most thought these things were just playful imagination of some script writers. But we know it was all based on real things.taking place in secret. The irony was they were not being so secret, but counting on us being in the dark and clueless. I was born in 59 and I was clueless as were most anyone back then.

    Looking back, its pretty horrifying how we were being secretly exploited in so many evil rotten ways. I tend to really like Perry Mason shows. What is interesting about that show is that it shows law as it was supposed to be. but that was not even close to what law really was, in practice. where the 2 lawyers and the judge script the trial behind closed doors and then put on the show for final judgment. Perry Mason was the ultimate hero of integrity, but he was also the climax of lies. many westerns, big in the US in the early days of TV, showed justice and righteousness prevail. But I can assure you that the real west was noting like that. it was the rule of force by government protected thugs doing as they pleased.

    TV is a great brain washer and promoter of absolute lies presented to us as absolute truth! Most of the time (and now, too) just accept TV as real because they are seeing real people and real building and what looks very much like real life until you examine the facts. Most do not examine.

    My, how we have fallen from grace. Sheep led to the slaughter.


    • cultocracy says:

      Like you said truth1 “all too familiar” . In the UK the brainwashing programme was extensive and permeated most if not all institutions , including schools . The all too familiar cover up’s that follow these programmes encompasses the political , medical , judicial and policing apparatus . In short the entire fabric of a society if adversely affected . I’m sure you already know that sexual abuse forms a major part of the dissociative process , children are more susceptible and are basically a blank canvas for the degenerates who inhabit the bowels of the establishment . The same children who are abused often become abusers themselves , this creates an exponential growth in sadistic and disgusting behavior , which is welcomed with open arms by the architects .
      The media is formed into a useful binary tool to first legitimize the programmes and then discredit any later discourse which uncovers the truth . I also think that film and TV productions play a prime role in managing public perception & the inevitable blow back , often portraying serious and real issues as fiction . The early X-Files episodes are a classic example , fragments of truth are mixed with ‘alien abduction’ memes , thus discrediting the whole idea of MILAB abductions , implants and human neural experimentation and behavioral conditioning .
      The ‘Invaders From Mars’ are actually ‘Invaders from much closer to home’ .


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